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William Henry Smith

The following information comes from Linda and Pam. They are both granddaughters of William and Mary Smith. They are seeking information on this family.
I am a cousin to them on the Dowdy side. Mary Molly Dowdy is the daughter of my grandmother Rebecca Francis Dowdy's brother Marcus Luke Dowdy and Mary E Bryant. I also think that William Henry Smith may be the son of my great great grandfather Andrew Jackson Smith Sr's son John J. Smith. This would make us double cousins.
Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated.

William Henry Smith was born 13 June, 1875 in Stewart county, TN. He was the son of John Smith and Susan Etheridge. William married Mary Molly Dowdy on August 5th, 1896. Mary was born in Stewart County Tn. She was the daughter of Marcus (Mark) Luke Dowdy and Mary Bryant. William and Mary had 10 children. William died on the 1st of April 1957. Mary died on the 23rd of November 1927. Both are buried in Houston county, TN. in the Gray Cemetery.

The children of Wm. Henry and Mary Molly Dowdy Smith are:

1.George Vernon Smith, my father, b. 28 May 1919, d. 28 Jul 1993 in TN, married Edna Virginia Sherman

2. Edna Smith, b.6 Jul 1897, d. 30 Jul 1933 in TN of Cancer, married Lee Walters

3. Mary Smith, b. 26 Feb 1899, d. 9 Apr 1913 in TN of Meningitis.

4. Adam Arthur Smith, b. 7 Mar 1901, d. 6 Jun 1986 in MI of Colon Cancer; he was married 2 or 3 times but I don't have the names of his wives

5. Gertrude Bell Smith, b. 14 Sep 1903, d. 8 Feb 1920 in TN of Epilepsy.

6. Susan Ellis Smith, b. 7 Nov 1905, d. 21 Mar 1961 in IL of Arterial Sclerosis, married Ira Burnaine

7. Vida Ruth Smith, b. 7 Apr 1908, d. 3 Mar 1940 in TN of Heart Dropsy, married Loney Edmonds. (note* Loney Edmonds is related to me on my Hicks side)

8. Louise Smith, b. 2 May 1910, d. 22 Mar 2001 in OH, married Clarence Pegram

9. Charles Edward Smith, b. 8 Aug 1912, d. 5 May 1996 in MD, married Hester Bigham

10. Gilbert Henry Smith, b. 22 Feb 1915, d. 26 Feb 2001 in TN of Colon, married Mary Browning

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Andrew Jackson Smith Sr.

Andrew Jackson Smith Sr. was born in 1835 in Montgomery County, TN. New evidence indicates that he may have bee the son of James and Mary Smith. Andrew was married three times. His first wife was Elizabeth Odom. Andrew and Elizabeth had two children. They were Elizabeth Smith born in 1852 and John Smith born in 1854. Elizabeth died sometime after 1854 because on the 2nd day of March, 1859 Andrew married Agnes Elizabeth Nash. They were married by Justice of the Peace H. H. Trinkle.
Agnes was born in North Carolina in the year 1839. She was the daughter of Joseph Nash and Tempy Smith. Agnes’s brothers and sisters were Nancy Nash born 1841 in NC, and who later married Andrew’s brother Joseph Smith, James Nash born in NC in 1843 and Louisa born in NC in 1846. Andrew and Agnes had 3 children. Their children were Joseph Smith born in 1860, William Smith born in 1862 and who married Jermie Townsend and Frederick Smith born 1863.
On or around December 25 of 1861, Andrew volunteered for the Army at Fort Donelson. He was enlisted in the 50th Tennessee Infantry Company H. According to his pension application, Andrew was hurt by a cannon rolling on to him and knocking him down while he was loading it on the breast works. The cannon rolled onto his hip. He was taken to an Army hospital and then to prison. He was let out to go home. Andrews’s wife Agnes died soon after that, sometime between 1863 and 1865.
Andrew then married Aretha Ann Etheridge on 5 November 1865. They too were married by H. H. Trinkle. Aretha was the daughter of Joseph Etheridge and Sarah Dunaway. She was born in 1850 in Stewart County, TN. She was 15 years old when she and Andrew married. As census records indicate, Aretha went by Ann.
The 1870 Stewart County, TN. census shows that Andrew’s two children with Elizabeth are living with James and Mary Smith (his suspected parents) and his three children with Agnes are living with her parents Joseph and Tempy Nash. The 1880 census shows his and Agnes’s children still living with her parents.
Andrew and Ann had twelve children. It is said by family members that Andrew had a total of 21 children, only 17 are know so it would suggest that some died as babies or very young. Ann died sometime between 1891 and 1899. Andrew filed for a Confederate pension on 18 September, 1899. He was denied any compensation.
The Stewart County, TN census has 74 year old Andrew Sr. living with his son Andrew Jr. 39 and daughter in law Cora 32, grand children, Bertha E. 11, Ruth E. 9, Lillian 7, Gracie 5, Eugene 2, and a daughter not yet named, but whom became Angeline, 5 months old.
Andrew died August 30 1916 according to Stewart county records, but his head stone says 1917. He is buried in the Andrew Smith cemetery at Scott’s Chapel near Cumberland City. TN. One of Andrew’s great granddaughters’s, Vickie Burns; told me that her grandmother Grace told her that when Andrew died, it was a very hot August day and as they were carrying the body down the hill to the cemetery for burial the body burst from the heat and a horrible smell was emitted. The family made diligent efforts to hurry and get the body in the ground. Not a pretty story, but interesting none the less. It is stories such as this that indicates the conditions our forefathers endured.

Andrew and Aretha Ann’s Children
1. Thomas M. Smith born 1865. Married Rachel Fielder. One child, Artie Smith married Walter Baggett brother of Andrew Smith Jr’s wife Cora Baggett.
2. Andrew Jackson Smith Jr. born 26 June 1870 Stewart County, TN. Married Cora Green Viola Baggett. Died 1927.
3. Nancy Smith born 1872. Married Thomas B. Allen. Died 1892
4. Louisa Belle Smith, born 1877. Married Sam Pulley on 6 September 1894. They had two daughters, Sadie b: 1900 and Goldie born 1906. Belle died before 1920
5. Josephine (Josie) Smith born 1878. Married Robert Brake.
6. Missouri Smith born 1879.
7. Cora Smith born in May, 1880. Married Homer Baker.
8. Maude Smith born 1883. Married Melvin Brumley.
9. Etta Smith born 1885. Married Joe Hull.
10. Ella Smith born 1888. Married James Winters
11. Arvia Smith born 1891. Marred Everett Clements.

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Uriah Green Dowdy

Prisoners at Camp Douglas 1863
Picture taken from the Internet

Uriah Green Dowdy was born in 1828 in Stewart county, Tennessee. He was the son of James G. Dowdy and Martha Milam. Uriah married Mary Jane Washburn on 5 March, 1847. Mary was born in Stewart county, in 1830. Her parents have not be confirmed at this time.
The 1850 Stewart county, census has 22 year old Uriah as a farmer and living with 20 year old wife Mary and two children, 2 year old Marcus and 1 year old Uriah.

1860, Stewart county TN, one 35 year old Uriah is a farmer with 100 acres. He has in his home 35 year old wife Jane, 12 year old son Marcus, 10 year old son James, 8 year old daughter Missouri, 6 year old son John, 5 year old son Robert, 4 year old daughter and my great great grandmother Frances and 1 year old daughter Alice. How sad that Uriah left such a large family with so many children who would never know their father.
Uriah was a volunteer in the 5oth Tennessee Infantry. Co. I. He was captured at Fort Donalson and taken as prisoner to Camp Douglas in Chicago,Illinois. Uriah could very well be one of the Confederate soldiers in the picture above if the date of the picture is correct. Uriah died in September of 1862 of pneumonia at Camp Douglas. His body is interred at the Confederate Mound in the Oak Woods Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois.
Uriah and Mary had 8 children. Mary would have been just pregnant with the youngest Rachel at the on set of the war.
The 1870 census has 44 year old Jane Dowdy living at the Cumberland Iron Works. She is noted as keeping house. The children in the home were: 16 year old John, a laborer, 14 year old Robert, a laborer, 12 year old Becky, 10 year old Alice and 8 year old Rachel.
According to the 1880 Stewart county census, son in law Robertson, daughter Francis and grandchildren Alexander and Cora Baggett are living with 54 year old Mary . They are living in district 6 surrounded by Baggett and Smith families.
The date of Mary death is unknown at this time.

Uriah and Mary's Children.
1. Marcus (Mark) Luke Dowdy b: 1848 Stewart county, TN. Married Mary E. Bryant 1 September 1869. Information on Mark will be posted soon.
2. Uriah James Dowdy b: 1849 Stewart county, TN
3. Missouri J. Dowdy b: 1852 Stewart county, TN. Married a Smith. Widowed by 1880. She is 25 and living with her brother John, 26 and his wife Sallie 18 and her children Cynthia 10, Mary 8, Henry 3 and Eliza 1.
4. John Dowdy b: 1854 Stewart county, TN. Married Sallie
5. Robert Dowdy b: 1855 Stewart county, Tn
6. Rebecca Francis Dowdy b: October, 1856 Stewart county, TN. Married Robertson Baggett. Died 5 March 1920.
7.Alice Dowdy b: 1859 Stewart county, TN
8. Rachel Dowdy b: 1862 Stewart county, TN

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My Thanks to Everyone

My blog has proven to be one of the greatest tools that I have ever used in the research of my family. I have been contacted by so many family members that it has been incredible. I have been sent stories and pictures and family trees. Words cant express how wonderful this has all been.
I was recently contacted by a cousin on the Dowdy side. Her name is Pam and her Great Great Grandfather was Marcus (Mark) Luke Dowdy. Mark was the brother to my Great Great Grandmother Rebecca Francis Dowdy. I am going to start posting some of the information I have on the Dowdy family plus the information that Pam has shared on her family.
I have also been in contact with a cousin named Vickie. Her grandmother Grace Smith was the sister of my grandfather Elmer Smith. Vickie has shared so many stories with me about the family. Most of these stories I feel are special between her and I only. Some stories I will not share (its cool that way, its like we grew up together and we have secrets.)She did share some family knowledge that I never knew. This totally changes some of my Smith history, so I will be re-writing some of this to share with you all too. Hint: Andrew Jackson Smith Sr. appears to not to have been the son of John Joseph Smith and Lucinda Cunningham as once believed.
I also owe Leah Siegel, whom which I always misspell her name for some reason and if I did it again I apologize. Leah is the person who had sent me all the pictures of my great grand parents Andrew Smith Jr. and Cora Baggett Smith and my great great grandparents Robertson Baggett and Rebecca Dowdy and their family. Leah's boyfriend so happens to be another cousin on the Baggett side. What a great gift from her for sure. Thanks Leah!
I have also been sharing with Tony and Phyllis whom are cousins to me also, on the Baggett side. They have shared their family story with me and contributed the picture of Walter Baggett and Artie Smith. In fact we are double cousins, because they descend from Walter Baggett whom is my Grandmother Cora's brother and his wife Artie is the daughter of my great great grandfather Andrew Jackson Smiths Sr's son Thomas Smith.
And there's Debbie, who is related on the Fox side. She has shared her tree with me too. Together we are looking for information on the Fox Family.
I want to thank everyone for their pictures, stories and family information. I will be adding and revising to this blog with all this new information.

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Account of Estate of Lambert Zells 1751

Account of Estate of Lambert Zells

1751 An Account of the Estate of Lambert Zells Deceased Cr
sales :
To paid Col: Harrison 8:18:16 ¼
To Robert Hancock :14:0
To Morris Zells 0:15:0
By Thomas Bayley 3:2:0
To Walter Barr 0:5:6
To John Pully 0:2:6
To 1 Gatt: Rurn for funeral 0:5:0
To 3 lbs of sugar @ 5d ditto 0:1:3
To Thomas Penn--- 1:2:6
To Peter Smith for making coffin
To the Secretary 32 lbs Tobacco
To the Clerk 112
144 @ 2 d pts 1:4:0
To R Jones pro advice and assistance
In administration of the estate 1:1:6
To Thomas ? Juror 17:16:3 ¼
£ 18:18:9 1/8

By the estate sold at auction as per
Account of 3:8:0
By cash in the house 53:10:0
By sundries not sold viz+
1 Shoat @ 2 sides of leather @
3 pine stools 1 chair 1 paw paw
stool 1 spoon 1 porauger 1 drum
spindle 1 halter 2 stick baskets
5 drums 1 pair of knitting needles
1 lb wool
£ 80:8:0

Errors excepted & Elizabeth Zells, exectrix this 18th of October 1751
October year 18th 1751 The above account I find rightly stated
John Mason Jr {auditor}

As a court held for Surry County the 19th day of November 1751
The afore written account current of Lambert Zells deceased was returned and (being first audited by a person specially appointed) was ordered to be recorded
Aug Claiborne clk

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Foster Marlyn (Faut) Fox

Debbie and I are seeking information on the following family. We would also like confirmation that our Fox ancestors were Cherokee Indian as we believe them to be.

Foster Marlyn"Faut" Fox was born in 27 November of 1854 in Trigg county, Kentucky. Son of William Buchanan Fox and Sarah Ann Hamilton. Faut married Angeletta “Ettie” Bullock on the 28th of Sept, 1884 in Stewart county, TN. Ettie was born on the 17th day of Oct, 1868 in Stewart county, TN. She was the daughter of George Washington Bullock and Louisiana Bibby. Faut died on the 23rd day of March 1920 in Stewart county and Ettie died on the 5th day of March, 1942 in Stewart county.
Faut and Ettie Fox's children are:
1. Ryman Becevland Fox b, 25 Nov, 1885 Trigg county, Kentucky. m, Minnie Ada Creamer on 6 Jan, 1906. d, 16 Jun, 1973.
2. Nellie Fox b, Aug, 1888 Trigg county, Kentucky. m, James Fred Page (14/01/1887-06/16/1968 Henderson County, TN) on 1 Sept, 1906. d, 09/16/1917. Children were: Willie Page, Estie Page, Amos Martin Lozo Page (12/18/1912-01/19/1971) and Oscar Wesley Page (10/11/1916-01/21/1924)
3. William Ulus Fox b, Feb, 1890 Trigg county, Kentucky. d, 20 May, 1936. b, Hicks Cemetery, Stewart county, TN
4. George Carter Fox b, 23 Dec 1891 Trigg county, Kentucky. m, Lily Viola Travis on 15 Feb, 1916. d, 16 Dec, 1968 in Shelby county, TN. b. Hicks Cemetery, Stewart county, TN.
5. Eulons Fox Fox b, 1892 Trigg county, Kentucky
6. Buddie “Bubba” Fox b, 30 April, 1897 Trigg county, Kentucky. Maried Carrie Shaw. d. 3 April 1923 Stewart county, TN
7.Ruby Fox b. 25 May 1901 Trigg county, Kentucky
8.Ara Fox b. 6 Sept 1901 Trigg county, Kentucky m. Bryant Downs. d. Aug 1937. b. Hendon Cemetery, Stewart county, TN
9. Anna Fox b. 1904 Trigg county, Kentucky
10. Clyde Manarchus Fox b. 12 July 1906 Trigg county, Kentucky. M. Ruby Lorene Knight on 28 Nov 1928 Stewart county, TN. d. 7 Mar 1994 Charleston, MO

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Isham Sills Jr Noncupitive Will

We the undersign was at the dwelling house of Isham Sills during his and when he died, and states that died at his usual residence which he had lived many years. We the undersign state that we will and were called upon by the said Isham Sills to be in mind how he wanted his property disposed of after his decease, and he requested to see that his will was executed by the said Isham Sills. It will be decreed as follows. Being now in my right mind and perfect sense, I wish my wife to have my whole estate and property that was hers, to buy, sell, collect and pay off what accounts that are against me, and to live on the property as her necessity may require. Those children that are living with his remaining wife. It is my will that she shall divide unto them on so as to make their proportions equal to those who have left us. We the undersign state that said Isham Sills departed this life on the 23rd day of April 1832, and that a written memorandum of his will was made in one to two days after his decease.

Josiah Sills
Green X Wiggins
William Sills

Proved August term 1832

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50th Tennessee Infantry Regiment

Confederate Stars and Bars

I had three great, great grand fathers whom served in the 50th Tennessee Infantry Regiment. Along with them were many cousins and other relatives. Below is a brief history of that unit and the names of my grandfathers. Also listed is the company they were in and their rank in and out of the service. This information was taken from the Soldiers and Sailors web site.

This Regiment was organized on Christmas day, December 25, 1861. It was comprised of 10 separate companies that had previously mustered. It was captured at Fort Donelson and then reorganized on September 23, 1862. The 50th then temporarily consolidated with 1st (Colms') Tennessee Battalion on November, 1862. This consolidation was made permanent and a new organization was made February, 1864. The regiment was paroled Greensboro, North Carolina May 2, 1865 as part of the 2nd Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment.

Uriah Green Dowdy - Company I - Went in a Private, died at Camp Douglas of Pneumonia as a POW, a Private.

James M Hicks - Company F - Went in a Private, came out a Private and had been blinded.

Andrew J Smith - Company H - Went in a Private, came out a Private with injured hip.

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Confederate Pension Application of Andrew Jackson Smith Sr. Part 2

Below is the continuation of my great, great grandfather Andrew Smith's pension application, to which he was denied compensation.

Third Page

How did you get out of the army?: Paroled

Did you take the oath of allegiance to the United States Government?: No

Are you married, or have you been married?: I am or have been

If so, what is the size of your family?: 10 Children

What are the respective ages of your wife and children?: Wife is dead, Tom, 37, Andrew 27 married, Nan 24 married, Bell 22, Josie 21, Cora 18, Maude 16, Et14 married, Ella 11, Arvia 8.

Are not some of your children able to support you?: No

In what business are you now engaged if any, and what do you earn?: Not able to move

What estate have you in your right, real and personal, and what is its value?: 1 old mule, 1 young mule, 1 cow, 6 shoats, all worth About one hundred dollars.

What estate has your wife in her own right, real and personal, and what is its value?: She did own 40 acres colon (?) land, worth about $40.00.

How have you derived support for yourself and family for the last five years?: I have managed to work a little.

Do you use intoxicants to any extent?; No

How long have you been an actual resident of the State of Tennessee?: All my life.

Have you an attorney to look after this application?: No

Witness my hand, this 16th day of Sept, 1899


J. S. Edwards M.D. , Physician

John Odom, Witness

James Odom, Witness

Fourth Page

State of Tennessee, Houston county

Personally appeared before me Jo M. Harris clerk of the county court of said county, the above named A. J. Smith, the applicant, with who I am personally acquainted, and having the application read and fully explained to him, as well as the statements and answers therein made, made oath that the said statements and answers are true.

Witness my hand, at office, this 16th day of Sept, 1899.

Jo. M. Harris, Clerk

State of Tennessee

Houston County – Personally appeared before me, Jo M. Harris. Clerk of the county court of said county, the above named, Dr. J. S. Edwards

One of the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing application and who is a physician of good standing and being duly sworn, says that he has carefully and thoroughly examined A. J. Smith, the applicant, and finds him laboring under the following disabilities:

Impaired action of left lower limb due to an old injury of left hip causing partial paralysis of motion and sensation greatly reducing his capacity for ding labor wherein waling or standing is required, Has Palpitation of heart, probably of Rheumatoid arigen (?) Witness my hand, at office, this 16th day of Sept 1899. Jo M. Harris, Clerk

State of Tennessee

Houston County personally appeared before me, Jo M. Harris clerk of the county court of said county, the above named John Odom and James Odom two of the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing application, with whom I am personally acquainted and known to me to be citizens of veracity and standing in this community and who make oath that they are personally acquainted with the foregoing applicant and that the facts set forth and statements made in his application are correct and true to the best of their knowledge and belief and that they have no interest in this claim and that said applicants habits are food and free from dishonor and further make oath to the following facts touching the applicant service in the army

Witness my hand at office this 16th day of 1899

Jo M. Harris, Clerk

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Confederate Pension Application of Andrew Jackson Smith Sr. Part 1

I was recently informed by a new found cousin of mine Vickie, that our grand father Andrew Jackson Smith Sr. was a veteran of the War Between the States. She mentioned that he had filed for a war pension and that it was rejected. I have since then ordered a copy of that record.

The following is the information was taken from that Confederate Pension application that was filed by Andrew Jackson Smith Sr. This application is quite extensive so I will only relay the questions that Andrew himself had answered on the application. Andrew’s answers are underlined. This application will be posted in a part series, due to the amount of information provided.

First Page

Stamped Rejected

Soldier’s Application for Pension

A J Smith (Andrew Jackson Smith Sr.)

Filed Sept 18, 1899

Second Page

I, A. J. Smith, a native of the State of Tennessee and now a citizen of Tennessee, resident at Elk Creek, In the county of Stewart in said State of Tennessee.

I do solemnly swear that, while in the discharge of my duty in the service of the Confederate or United States, as a member of: Co. H. Captain, Elbert Sexton. 50th Tenn, Col. Stacker.

I was wounded in the battle of (blank) and that from the effects of such wound or wounds I was disabled as follows: I was disabled by mounting a cannon on breast works (misspelled) by cannon falling against (scratched out) and throwing me against the cannage (misspelled).

In what County, State and year were you born: I was born in Montgomery County in 1835.

When did enlist and in what command? Give the names of the regimental and company officers under whom your were serving at date of wound or wounds: I enlisted at Dover Tenn, Sextons captain Stacker Col.

In what battle were you wounded and if not in battle state under what circumstances you received the injury or injuries?: Fort Donaldson received injuries as above stated

What was the precise nature of your wound or wounds? : I got a serious hurt in hip. Which hurt. Disabled me from services.

What limb if any did you lose by reason of said wound or wounds and if no limb state fully the disability caused by said wound or wounds and is said disability permanent?: The injury of hip causing paralyses of that limb on that side.

Were you incapacitated for service by reason of said wound wounds or service: I was taken to hospital.

Were you discharged from the army by reason of said wound, wounds or service?: Was taken prisoner.

If discharged from the army where were you and what did you do until the close of the war?: I was paroled and returned home, unable to move.

What was the name of the surgeon who attended you?:

Mills and Robertson.

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Articles Sold at Sale for Deceased Mathew Manning 1844

A list of articles sold at the sale of Mathew Manning deceased

P S Cook 1 lot hoes .93 ¾
P Manning 1 Banshean Plough .12 ½
John Manning 2 barrels .15
H L Atkins 1 barrel & large tray .37 ½
Nelson Griffin 1 grindstone 1.00
James W McGee 2 Drawing Knife pair .10
Joseph Satterfield 1 drawing knife pair .10
William Griffin 2 chisels .31 ¼
“ “ 2 Gouges & 1 chisel .15
“ “ 2 barrel augers & stirrups .10
L M Manning 1 frae & file .62 ½
Widow Manning 1 tub .18
John Manning 1 iron wedge .30
“ “ “ “ .18
L M Manning 1 frying pan .12 ½
Widow 1 flat iron .12 ½
J Satterfield 1 set coopers tools .75
P S Cook 2 pair sheep shears .25
Widow Manning 1 dinner pot .50
“ “ 1 skillet .12 ½
“ “ 1 deep skillet .12 ½
John Manning 1 oven .25
Widow 1 small skillet .12 ½
“ “ 1 kettle .25
“ “ 1 pair pot hooks .20
James Glassgo 1 plough 2.00
H L Atkins 2 baskets & keg .15
Nelson Griffin 1 lot coopers ware .12 ½
W C McGee 1 pair drawing chains .80
“ “ 1 Jointer .12
H L Atkins 1 lot iron .25
“ “ “ “ .50
“ “ 1 beegum & meat ane (?) .12
J Satterfield 1 large trough 1.10
P Manning 1 pot .50
J Satterfield 1 bridle .15
D Rogers 1 pair millstones 1.50
“ ‘ 1 pair steelyards 2.00
W C McGee 1 sow & 5 pigs 4.00
Widow Manning 1 gill sow .50
L M Manning 1 cow & calf 9.00
Albert Gibbs 3 head sheep 3.70
P Manning 1 gray filly 16.37 ½
L M Manning 1 set cups & saucers .56 ¼
“ “ 1 small pitcher & spoons .37 ½
Widow 4 bowls .42 ½
W A Griffin 1 tea pot & saltseller .25
Widow 1 dish .31
L M Manning 5 pewter plates & dish 1.43
P S Cook 6 plates & basin 1.60
Widow ½ day spoons .38
P S Cook 1 large pewter dish .68
Widow 1 lot trumpet (?) .25
L M Manning 1 trumpet & glass .25
Widow 1 basin .25
“ “ 1 coffee pot .12 ½
“ “ 4 plates .12 ½
“ “ 1 stone jar .12 ½
“ “ 1 pitcher .12 ½
Nelson Griffin 1 bottle .12 ½
Widow 1 lot bottles .35
“ “ 1 cupboard 1.12 ½
John Manning 1 gun 3.30
“ “ Candy moulds & stick (?)
J Satterfield 2 gumblets & gord (?) .25
L M Manning 1 water pail .37 ½
Widow 2 small do (?) .25
T W Griffin 1 small do (?) .12
W C McGee 1 set razors 1.06 ¼
Widow 1 lot books .25
Z T Shemwell 1 ditto & jug .02
Mary Joiner 1 can .06
Nelson Griffin 1 slay (?) & box .30
P S Cook 1 reap hook .12 ½
P Manning 1 hand saw .20
L M Manning cotton cards .50
John Manning 1 trunk large 1.31 ¼
Widow 1 ditto .50
H B Scarbough shovel .40
Widow sifter & tray & meal tub .25
John Freeman mans saddle & blanket 6.06 ¼
William Moore 1 side saddle 8.50
Widow 1 bed & furniture 5.43
“ “ 1 spinning wheel .56 ¼
William Griffin 2 pair wool cards .37 ½
Elmore Black coffee mill .18 ¾
William Moore block reel .18 ¾
Samuel McGee 1 flour stuns (?) .62 ½
Widow 5 chairs .25
Nelson Griffin 1 hackel 1.25
“ ‘ 1 lot leather .40
William Moore 1 lot balls .62 ½
“ “ 1 powder horn .10
Nelson Griffin 1 flaso wheel .12 ½
P Manning 1 pocket book .25
Widow table .25
Mary Joiner 2 bridles .31 ½
W C McGee 1 anci (?) .40
Nelson Griffin 1 wood slide .25
D Rodgers 1 half bushel .50
William Moore 2 rawhides .30
J Satterfield 2 barrels .25
“ “ 2 guns (?) .05
Nelson Griffin 1 churn .30
D Rodgers 1 large gun (?) .50
Amt of acct sale 96.53

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Baylee Renee Tate

Here is one of the lastest pictures of the newest gerneration. Baylee is 10 months old now and is surely the apple of me and her papa's eyes.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Monarchus Buchanan Fox

The following information was provided to me by Debbie. Debbie is one of my followers and is a descendant of Monarchus Fox. I know that this Fox family and my Fox family are related. Debbie and I are seeking information on the following family. We would also like confirmation that our Fox ancestors were Cherokee Indian as we believe them to be.

Monarchus Buchanan"Buck" Fox was born in September of 1856 in Trigg county, Kentucky. Son of William Buchanan Fox and Sarah Ann Hamilton. Buck married Ann Elizabeth Shaw on the 29th of Oct, 1883 in Stewart county, TN. Ann was born on the 1st day of Dec, 1868 in Stewart county, TN. She was the daughter of Leonard V. Shaw and Sarah Ann Futrell. Buck died on the 7th day of March 1900 in Stewart county and Ann died on the 28th day of March, 1941 in Stewart county. Ann Fox is buried in the Hicks cemetery.
Buck and Ann Fox's children are:
1. Donna Pearl Fox b, 29 Jan, 1884 Stewart county, TN. m, Marcus Franklin Chadwick on 4 Oct, 1901. d, 12 Feb, 1956.
2. Loney Rae Fox b, 26 Apr, 1886 Stewart county, TN. m, Coleman Albert Chadwick on 26 Mar, 1900. d, 20 Apr, 1968. b, Hicks Cemetery, Stewart county, TN.
3. Sallie Sota Fox b, 13 Dec, 1891 Stewart county, TN. m, Walter Daniel Outland on 27 Dec, 1910. d, 26 Feb, 1987. b, Bethel Methodist church Cemetery, Stewart county, TN
4. Cortus Evans Fox b, 29 Jun 1895 Stewart county, TN. m, Katie Bedie Ross on 26 Jan, 1919. d, 28 Feb, 1990 in Calloway county, Kentucky.
5. William Dewey Fox b, 22 Jan, 1899 Stewart county, TN. m, Mary Eunice Hughes on 21 Jan, 1923. d, 1 Oct, 1975. b, Stewart County Memorial Gardens, Stewart county TN.

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Winford E Hicks

Winford E Hicks
Not a very good picture

Winford E. Hicks was born on the 3rd day of June, 1886 in Stewart county, TN to Milton Otis and Orie Lee Hicks. He married Lula Mae Sills (b. 1891 - d. 4-25-63), and it was said that he loved her very much. They had two sons. One died at a very young age. His name was Roy (b 7-18-11 - d. 2-29-12), he is buried in the Acree Cemetery. His other son was Levi (b. 11-6-15 -Levi passed a few years ago. Not quite sure of the date at this time).
Winford was a Baptist preacher. He preached at many small churches in Stewart county. These churches were small and Winford was paid mostly in the tithes of meat and other foods. Winford mainly preached at Neville's Creek Baptist church, but many Stewart county church histories list him in attendance or as a messenger. Lots of the old timers in Stewart county remembered Winford and have said that he was one of the finest preachers in from the area.
He had once written a extensive report on the Baptist faith. He read this at a Baptist convention, was well received and greatly applauded. Winford also had been a census taker of the Stewart county 1900 census.
Winford died of a heart attack on the 17th day of February 1963. His wife Lulu died two months later.
Any additional information on Winford would be greatly appreciated.

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Andrew Jackson Smith Jr's Will

Click on Image to enlarge.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Robertson Baggett Family

The above portrait was sent to me by Leah Siegel. It is of the Robertson Baggett family.Robertson and Rebecca Baggett were my great, great grandparents. Their daughter Cora was my great grandmother. It appears to have been taken prior to 1804 and is marked as follows: left to right, standing are: Clarence, Vennie, Walter, Alex, Robert and Jimmy. Front row, left to right are:Horace Leonard, Rebecca and Cora. Standing in very front is Cora's oldest daughter Bertha. One of Robert and Rebecca's boys is not in the picture and that is Jesse.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stalls Family Pictures

The children of Jefferson Davis Stalls and
Minnie Susan Johnson Stalls.
Ladies: Charlie, Sybil, Ophelia and Ossie
Men: Jefferson Davis, Ernest, Pearl and Truman
There were five more children that died young.
This picture was sent to me by a grandaughter of
Charlie Stalls.

Great Grandma Orie Stalls Hicks with her

Brother Charlie, his wife Minnie (Arminta Williams)
their son Pearlie. ca: 1930's

Monday, September 21, 2009

Annie Page *Updated*

I am seeking information on Annie Page. She was the wife of James Stalls Sr. Information that I do have is that she and James attended Saline Baptist Church at Bumpus Mills in Stewart county, Tn. These church records also list a member by the name of, Polly Page. Is Annie and Polly the same person? Tax records for James say that they lived at Standing Rock. I believe that Polly was born sometime in the 1780's in North Carolina, possibly Martin county. Any information on Annie/Polly would be greatly appreciated.

Annie Page and Polly Page are not the same person. One of my followers says that Polly, daughter of Vincent Page was born in 1844 in Stewart Co. She married Charles Gray and lived at Tobacco Port. Vincent whom was born in 1813 in Martin Co. NC also had another daughter named Rotia Frances Page who is the grandmother of the person supplying this updated information.


Who is my Annie Page?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Walter Allen Baggett and Artie Vera Smith

Walter and Artie Baggett's Wedding Day
picture provided by Walter and Artie's great
grand daughter Phyllis Baggett Ball

The following information on Walter and Artie Baggett was provided by Phyllis Baggett Ball. Phyllis is the great granddaughter of Walter and Artie.

Walter Allen Baggett was born in October of 1883 in Cumberland City, TN. He was the 4th child born to Robertson and Rebecca Baggett. Walter married Artie Smith. Artie was the daughter of Tom Smith. Walter and Artie had five children. The first two children became very ill as toddlers and died. Phyllis said that her father said that Artie spoke of these children and kept their pictures on her wall until her death. Walter was said to have rocked the boys until they passed. This is very sad.

according to their granddaughter, Phyllis, Walter and Artie lived in a antebellum style home at Cumberland City. The house sat on a hill and overlooked the Cumberland River. Phyllis remember watching the boats go up and down the river. They had a servant that cooked and cleaned for them but was treated as one of the family.

Walter and Artie would make homemade balls from rubber band for great grand daughter Phyllis. Phyllis says that Walter and Artie were the most wonderful people. Artie died around 1960 and Walter died in the mid 1960's in his early 80's.

Walter and Artie Baggett’s Children

  1. Thestal Baggett, died young
  2. Emilis Baggett, died young
  3. Adam Weedless (also known as Son or Weedless) born 22 September 1909, married Leona Hodges born 8 June, 1912 daughter of John Hodges. John was a Constable of Cumberland City for a time. Leona died in February, 2008. Adam died 15 June, 1975.
  4. Orman Baggett
  5. Bernard Baggett

Keep checking back, as this information will be updated

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Robertson and Rebecca Baggett

Rebecca Dowdy Baggett ca 1890's

Robertson Baggett ca 1890's
Leah Siegel sent me several pictures of various family members several weeks ago. Both of these people are my great, great grandparents. Its amazing to see the faces of these people. Fathers and mothers from whom I descend. Faces that close to 90 years ago, passed from this earth to meet the true father. Amazing and incrediable this circle of life is.... All I can say is Wow! and I don't mean Sham Wow. My forever, grateful, thanks to Leah!

Leah said that the pictures are not daguerreotype photos. She said that they are on paper, large 12x19 oval.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Andrew Jackson Smith Jr.

Andrew Jackson Smith Jr. ca 1906

Andrew Jackson Smith Jr. was born on the 26th day of June 1870. He was the 2nd child of Andrew Smith Sr. and Aretha (Reedy) Ann Etheridge. Andrew was Born in Cumberland City Tennessee. Andrew married Cora Green Viola Bagget on the 1st day of January 1897 in Stewart County Tennessee. Cora was born on the 3rd day of December 1877 and was the daughter of Robertson (Bob) Baggett and Rebecca Francis Dowdy. Andrew and Cora lived their married life at Cumberland City Tennessee. They had 8 children. Andrew died of a heart attack on the 26th day of October 1935. Cora died on the 12th day of October 1925. Both are buried along with a lot of family members in the Andrew Smith Cemetery, on Scotts Chapel Road near Cumberland City, Tennessee.

Children of ANDREW and CORA SMITH are:
1. Bertha Elmora Smith, b. 09 Dec 1898, Stewart County, TN; d. 02 Nov 1968. Married Robert Clayton Ballard
2. Ruth Ethel Smith, b. 28 Oct 1900, Stewart County, TN; d. 17 Dec 1987, Houston County, TN. Married Herman Allison Smith.
3. Lillian Pauline Smith, b. 24 Nov 1903, Stewart County, TN; d. 09 Dec 1940, Stewart County, TN. Married Johnnie Hollis
4. Grace Edna Smith, b. 18 May 1906, Stewart County, TN; d. 01 Nov 2002, Houston County, TN. Married Arthur Ewing Burns.
5. Elmer Eugene Smith, b. 02 Feb 1908, Stewart County, TN; d. 23 Dec 1967, Stewart County, TN. Married Leona Mae Hicks.
6. Edith Angeline Smith, b. 17 Dec 1909, Stewart County, TN; d. 27 Apr 1940; m. Wiley Barnes.
7. Thelma Irene Smith, b. 25 Nov 1912, Stewart County, TN; d. 28 May 2003, Houston County, TN. Married Ivy Gray and Homer Allison.
8. Lacey Alberta Smith, b. 15 Oct 1915, Stewart County, TN; d. Unknown. Married Albert Hightower.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Isham Zells (Sills) Sr.

Isham Zells was the 7th child of Lambert and Elizabeth Zells. He was born in 1728 in Sussex Co Va. Family legend says that Isham was “born with a veil”. This veil was a sign of a seer, or someone who could tell the future. Isham married Elizabeth ? The name Zells was changed to Sills after Isham’s move to North Carolina. Isham received 140 acres in Halifax Co, NC from Lord Granville on the 10th day of January 1762. This land was on the west side of Deep Creek, joining Thomas Brewer, Henry Jones, and Michael Dorman or /s/ Isham Sills Wits: Jno Linton, Jam Martin Jr. surveyed the 16th day of June 1761 CC: Wm Colson, Richard Jones, Jos Jno Williams surveyor. In the Halifax county deed book page 970, It shows that Major Walker sold land to Isham Zell (Sill) of the same, for 25 pounds provacation money on the 28th day of Febuary 1764. Again in the same deed book Isham Sills sold to Bythel Paire 150 acres joining Solomon Akins and Isham Sills for 31 pounds Virginia money on the 16th day of May 1768. Isham died in 1802 in Halifax Co NC. Ishams will dated March 3 1802 went to court in May 1802 (see below) Isham is probably buried at the Trinity Episcopal Church Cemetery in Scotland Neck, Halifax Co. Will Of Isham Sills Sr

Will # 663 pg 376 Halifax Co North Carolina. Isham Sills 3 Mar. 1802 May Ct. 1802
Son Isham Sills cattle, Son William Sills mare ect. Son Samuel Sills and daughters Elizabeth Sills and Mary Sills bed, furniture ect, each. Daughter Penny Hines cow and calf and at her death the same go to her children (names not given). Cruy Bryan 20 shillings Sarah Hobbs 40 shillings. Residue of estate to wife Elizabeth and at her death: the children of my son Benjamine Sills namely Thomas Sills, Joshua Sills, John Sills and Rebecca Sills 20 shillings and sons Samuel and William the plantation wheron I now live. And son Isham the place whereon he now lives.
Wit: John Perkins, Elizabeth Barker x her mark, Elizabeth Jones
Extrs: My sons Samuel and William.

Isham And Elizabeth Sills

1 Isham Sills Jr Born ca 1750 in Halifax Co NC. Died on the 23rd day of April 1832 in Stewart Co, Tn. Married to? Possibly Mary or Anna? (see later )

2 Samuel Sills Born ? in Halifax Co NC.. Died on the 30th day of July 1841 in Halifax Co NC Married to Elizabeth Wallace.

3 Elizabeth Parham Sills Born ? in Halifax Co NC. Died ca the 24th day of October 1838.( probably due to complications after child birth ) Married to William Ferington Batey. William whom was born in 1775. Died in December 1850. In a Cival War qestionaire, Benjamine Blanks Batey stated that he was the son of Elizabeth Sills daughter of Isham Sills of Virginia, and William Ferington Batey. Benjamine was born on the 10th day of October, 1838. His mother died two weeks after his birth. He stated that his parents own 300 acres of land and had slaves.

4 Mary Sills. Born ? in Halifax Co NC. Mary may have died possibly Stewart County Tennessee.

5 Benjamine Sills Born 1793 in Halifax Co NC. Died on the 17th day of December 1858 in Halifax Co NC. Married to Rebecca Barker daughter of John Barker born 1720 Surry Co Va. Died the 14th day of October 1808 in Iredell Co NC. Her mother was Elizabeth Gilliam Born 1727 in Surry Co Va. to Henchea Gilliam II and Faith Briggs. John and Elizabeth were married in 1745 in Surry Co Va. Elizabeth died in 1770 in Brunswick Co Va. Benjamine and Rebecca Sill’s children were; 1. John B Sills (ca- 1793) Married Charlotte Gray (1793 – 4-18-1859) Charlotte was the daughter of Thomas and Mary Gray. John and Charlotte’s children were Solomon J Sills (11-11-1816), Richard M Sills (8-27-1818 – 5-17-1957) never married, Henry E Sills (10-1-1820 – 1905) married Mary Jane Sills in December 1849, William T. Sills (3-22-1823 – 1875 married Martha Young on January 8 1849, Mary Rebecca Sills (11-9-1825 – 7-20-1870) married Robert Calvin Whitehead on March 27 1856, Emily Ann Sills (7-1-1828 – post-1880) never married, Lousia Frances Sills (6-22-1831 – 3-18-1883) married R F Hayes, Andrew J Sills (12-7-1834 – 7-17-1895) married Francis Gray on March 26 1863. 2. Thomas Sills, 3. Joshua Sills, 4. Rebecca Sills.

6 Crucy Sills Born ? in Halifax Co NC. Died? Married? Bryan, in 1802 in Halifax County North Carolina.
7 Sarah Sills Born ? in Halifax Co NC. Died? Married Drury Hobbs, in 1802 in Halifax County North Carolina.

8 Penny Sills Born ? in Halifax Co NC. Died? Married M. Hines, in 1802 in Halifax County North Carolina.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rebecca Francis (Fannie) Dowdy

Rebecca Dowdy Baggett, ca; 1900
Picture Courtesy of Leah Siegel
Fannie was born in October of 1856 in Tennessee. She was the daughter of Uriah Green Dowdy and Mary Jane Washburn. Mary Jane Washburn was the daughter of Enoch Washburn and Rachel. Uriah was the son of James G Dowdy and Martha Francis Milam (daughter of James Milam and Rebecca Jackson, granddaughter of Adam Milam and Elizabeth Solomon Jackson). Some of my notes for James G show he was a faculty member of the McKendree Church from ca. 1797 to 1812 along with John C Dowdy. Other members named Dowdy along with date they joined were: John C. 1838 Watson T. 1848, George W. 1855, Lucinda. 1837, Martha. Only note is she died 1887, Theora G. 1854 removed to Arkansas, Frances R. 1855 died Feb. 17th 1863 and was single. James G. Dowdy was the son of William C. Dowdy.
Uriah, Fannie’s father; fought in the War Between the States for the Confederacy. He was captured at Fort Donelson and was taken to Camp Douglas in Chicago Illinois were he died of Pneumonia.
Fannie married Robertson Baggett. Robertson (Robert, Bob) Baggett was born in March of 1855 in Tennessee. Robertson was the son of Jackson Baggett and America Black Baggett. Together Robertson and Fannie had 10 children. Robertson died on the 4th day of May 1920. Fannie died on the 5th day of March 1920. Both are buried in the Andrew Smith Cemetery on Scotts Chapel Road near Cumberland City in Tennessee.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lawerance Manning

Lawerance M Manning was born in 1805 in North Carolina, possibly Nash County, to Mathew and Elizabeth Manning. He moved to Stewart County Tennessee after 1800. Lawerance was married to Nancy Joiner born in 1809-10 in ? Nancy was part Choctah Indian. On the 20th of August 1832, Lawerance had a administrator bond for Roderick Joiner. On the 2nd of November 1833, settlement for Roderick Joiner was made with Lawerance Manning by William Kay, C.C. Clements, and William Bailey. Lawerance was a farmer by trade, but he also had worked as a steam boat pilot on the Cumberland River. Stewart county court minutes show that he was appointed road overseer in place of Green D. Atkins on the 2nd of November 1835. Mathew was also a Methodist preacher. Lawerance owned approximately 1100 acres of land on the west side of the Cumberland River, 15 miles north of Dover. Records indicate that he traded one Negro valued at $500.00 for land in Stewart County, also that he sold Acree 33 acres. Lawerance died on the 7th day of October, 1849 in Stewart County Tennessee of a fever. His wife Nancy was shown on the 1850 census as having one female negro slave girl that was 19 years old living with her. The 1860 census shows her living with her daughter Mary, and her family.

Children of Lawerance and Nancy Manning

1. William E Manning Born on the 21 st day of January 1829. Died on the 29th day of July 1853. William is buried in the Acree Cemetery in the Land Between the Lakes area. Married Mary E, A, Luton, on the 14th day of January 1851 in Stewart County, Tn.. William left a will written on the 23rd day of July 1853. (see below)
The Verbal Will of William E, Manning
In the name of God, Amen, I, William E. Manning,
First I wish my loving wife, Eliza, in the absence of a living child to have and hold all my land and other property forever, but should the child should survive, the land is to belong to my wife Eliza, her life time and then to the child and furthermore it is my wish that my mother, Nancy Manning, have all the cleared land above the land to have and to hold her lifetime provided she remain on said land. But in case of death or removal from said land then belongs to my wife, Eliza, as above stated. This is what W.E. Manning stated to us to be his will in the above matter on Saturday morning, July 16, 1853 – written this 23rd day of July 1853.
T.H. Riggs
Henery Robertson
Sept term – 1853

A paper writing purporting to be the non-cussative will of Wm. E. Manning, deceased, was presented in open court and the same duly proven by Riggs and Robertson subscribing witness thereof and the same ordered to be recorded.

2. Mary Jane Manning Born on the 5th day of September 1832 in Stewart County Tennessee. Died in 1909. Married William Franklin Boneparte Clinton Stalls, on the 30th day of June 1851 in Stewart Co, Tn. William was the son of James and Nancy Stalls.

3. Georgian Manning born in 1834 in Stewart County Tennessee. Died ? Married James L Stalls on the 27th day of September 1851 in Stewart Co, Tn.

4. Emeline Manning Born 1836 in Stewart County Tennessee. Died ? Married Jasper Spiceland on the 19th day of March 1859 in Stewart Co, Tn.

5.Henery Manning born in 1840 in Stewart County Tennessee. Died ? Married Elizabeth Stalls on the 26th day of September 1865 in Stewart Co, Tn.

6. Martha L Manning born on the 6th day of October 1842 in Stewart County Tennessee. Died on the 30th day of November 1887 in Stewart Co, Tn. Martha is buried at the Champion Cemetery in Stewart County. Married Alfred J Byrd. Alfred was born on March 27, 1843 in Christian County, Kentucky. He was the son of James B. Byrd (1801-1845) and Catherine Bell Cook (d:1893). James and Catherine were married 16 May 1838. Alfred’s siblings were Print Byrd, Claude Byrd, Gus Byrd, Roena Byrd, Mattie Byrd, Georgia Ann Byrd, and James Lawerance Byrd. Alfred was the grandson of Shaderack Byrd (1750 in Bertie County North Carolina, died 30 April 1814) and Nancy Younge (1757-21 October 1833). Alfred served in the Civil War for the Confederacy as a Private in Company F 50th Tennessee Infantry under Lieutenant Colonel Randall W. McGavok at Fort Donaldson Tennessee. Alfred remarried to Mary Wiggins after Martha passed away. He was ordained as a Baptist Minister in 1877. He and Mary moved to Granite Oklahoma where he died on 2-20-1908.

7. Sarah Manning Born in 1844 in Stewart County Tennessee. Died ? Married ?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

John (Jackson) Baggett

Recent research and the help of Leah Siegel, have brought to my attention that Jackson Baggett appears to have been known as “John” instead of Jackson. We will now be calling him John as most records indicate.
We first find John and American Baggett in the 1850 Montgomery county, Tn. census. They are both 21 years of age. This would put his birth at around 1829. It appears that he and American probably had just got married because there are no children in the home. Previous information from others state that America’s last name was Black. No marriage record has been located at this time.
Next we find John and a Mary (probably a nickname for American) in the 1870 Stewart county census. It is stated that he is 38 years old and was born in Tennessee. This would have John born in 1831. This census was taken in December 1869, but conflicts with the 1850 census for his age. The census states that Mary is 40 which lends credence that she was born in 1829. They have 6 of their 7 children living in the home with time: Jessie 17, Robert 15, Margaret 9, Burrell 6, Jarroll (which is probably John Wesley) and Mollie 5 months. John is shown as being a laborer.
Mary (American) appears to have died sometime before 1881, because John next married Elizabeth (Lizzie) Ladd. I have not found the marriage record proving this at this time. It is recorded in Lizzie’s death certificate that she was born on the 8 of August, 1859. Census records indicate she was born in Kentucky. Her parents are unknown to us at this time but the census states her father was born in the Kentucky and her mother was born in Michigan.
In the 1900 Census for Houston County, Jackson is listed with his wife, Margaret (according to Arrie Brown Baggett's World War I Registration Card, her name was Marguret Elizabeth Baggett). Jackson’s birth date is shown as August 1831, Lizzie’s as August 1859.
In the 1910 Census for Stewart County, TN, Lizzie Baggett is listed as a widow.
John died sometime 1900. His parents are unknown at this time.
In a WWI registration record for Lizzie and John’s son Horace Leonard, dated 5 June 1917 he states that he is the only one to support his invalid mother. Lizzie would be about 57 years old at this time. Lizzie died on 7 November, 1935 at age 76 and is buried in Houston County, Tn at the Ham Cemetery.

1. JESSIE4 BAGGETT, b. Abt. 1853, Montgomery County, TN.
2. JOHN NEWTON BAGGETT, b. 21 Feb 1854, Montgomery County, TN; d. 25 Feb 1923, Houston County, TN; m. AMELIA MARY PARKER, 08 Nov 1872, Stewart County, TN; b. Aug 1852, Tennessee; d. 19 Dec 1912, Houston County, TN.
3. ROBERT BAGGETT, b. Mar 1856, Montgomery County, TN; d. 04 Jul 1920, Stewart County, TN; m. REBECCA FRANCES DOWDY, daughter of URIAH DOWDY AND MARY WASHBURN; b. Oct 1856, Stewart County, TN; d. 05 Mar 1920, Stewart County, TN. They are buried at Scott's Chapel Cemetery, Stewart County, TN
4. MARGARET BAGGETT, b. Abt. 1861, Montgomery County, TN; m. JAMES F. HENDRIX, Abt. 1880; b. Abt. 1857, Montgomery County, TN.
5. BURRELL BAGGETT, b. 04 Mar 1864, Houston County, TN; d. 15 Nov 1907, Houston County, TN; m. SALLIE ADAMS, 12 Jul 1883, Stewart County, TN; b. 05 Apr 1867, Stewart County, TN; d. 27 Jun 1933, Shelby County, TN.
6. JOHN WESLEY BAGGETT, b. 25 Mar 1867, Houston County, TN; d. 19 Sep 1948, Houston County, TN; m. LUTHIE ORA BURNS, 10 May 1894; b. 02 Aug 1872, Dickson County, TN; d. 12 Jan 1949, Houston County, TN.
7. MOLLIE BAGGETT, b. 24 Dec 1869, Houston County, TN; d. 19 May 1950, Montgomery County, TN; m. THOMAS PHILLIPS, 04 Jul 1886, Stewart County, TN; b. Oct 1862, Stewart County, TN.

1. DAVID WILEY BAGGETT, b. 04 Dec 1881, Stewart County, TN; d. 14 Jun 1968, Carl Junction, MO; m. DORA MILDRED FLOYD, 10 Apr 1904, Stewart County, TN; b. 12 Jul 1882, Dover, Stewart County, TN; d. 22 Nov 1948.
2. HENRY RILEY BAGGETT, b. 04 Dec 1881, Stewart County, TN; d. 10 Sep 1976, Sumner County, TN; m. DORA ANN BARKER, 01 Jan 1909, Stewart County, TN; b. 20 Apr 1892, Stewart County, TN; d. 27 Oct 1961, Stewart County, TN.
3. SALLIE A. BAGGETT, b. May 1885, Stewart County, TN; d. Bef. 1976; m. JAMES ODOM, 10 Apr 1904, Stewart County, TN; b. Abt. 1874.
4. WILLIAM ISAAC BAGGETT, b. 12 Feb 1888, Houston County, TN; d. 17 Apr 1980, Montgomery County, TN; m. OVIE SALLY REYNOLDS, 02 Nov 1911, Houston County, TN; b. 16 Oct 1892, Houston County, TN; d. 12 Oct 1966.
5. HORACE GRANVILLE BAGGETT, b. 18 Dec 1890, Houston County, TN; d. Unknown.
6. DICIE A. BAGGETT, b. Oct 1891, Houston County, TN; d. Bef. 1976; m. HENRY MOHON, 18 Jul 1915, Houston County, TN.
7. VIOLA OLLIE BAGGETT, b. Feb 1894, Houston County, TN; d. Unknown, Stewart County, TN; m. WAYMOND CANADY, 15 Jul 1915, Houston County, TN; b. 15 Oct 1891, Stewart County, TN; d. Unknown, Stewart County, TN.
8. IRA BROWN BAGGETT, b. 22 Aug 1896, Houston County, TN; d. 26 Jan 1977, Houston County, TN; m. RUBY L. DURHAM, 23 Jan 1928, Houston County, TN; b. 26 Sep 1908, Stewart County, TN; d. 15 Sep 1993, Houston County, TN.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Walter Hillman Hicks

Walter Hillman Hicks was born on the 7th of July 1906 in Stewart County, Tennessee. He married Daisy Cook. Daisy and Walter never had any children together. Daisy had three children from a previous marriage. Walter was 40 years old before he married.

Walter served in W.W.II. Walter drove a tank. He fought in five major battles during the war while stationed in Germany. When he came back from the war he brought with him a German dress sword, Lugger pistol, and Flag that had a Swastika on it. What ever happened to this treasure trove is unknown. Walter moved to Nashville after he came home. He went to radio announcing school on a GI bill, but worked in a steel factory until he retired. Walter was a very intelligent man. He was an avid reader and researcher. He was very interested in the Bible and ancient Egypt. He could read and write Hebrew and Hieroglyphics. Walter was a very nice man who loved his wife dearly. He had a good sense of humor. He took care of his sister Leona and her children when they were all stricken with the measles. He liked to take little trinkets to his nieces and nephews when he would visit. Walter died on the 13th day of May 1987 at age 81 years of age. Walter’s heart gave out. He is buried in Nashville, Tennessee in a Mausoleum.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Andrew Jackson Smith Jr. Family

Andrew Jackson Jr., Cora, Ethel, Lillian (on lap of Cora) and Bertha Smith
This picture appears to have been taken circ, 1905-06

This picture was sent to me by one of my blog followers, Leah Siegel. Andrew and Cora are my great grandparents. I have always wanted to know what they looked like. My family doesn't have any family pictures; with the exception of a few, other then this generation. My grandmothers house burned down and if she had any, they are long since gone. I only have one picture of Andrew and Cora's son Elmer whom is my mother's dad and you can hardly see his face. I would love to see my grandfather, Elmer Eugene Smith's face!

When Leah sent this to me last night, it was one of the greatest gifts that I could ever receive. I want to thank her publicly for this wonderful gift.

Any family pictures that can be shared with me would be truly welcomed.

Thank you Leah!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cora Green Viola Baggett

Cora Green Viola Bagget was born on the 12th day of March 1877. She was the first child born to Robertson Bagget Sr. and Rebecca Francis Dowdy. Cora married Andrew Jackson Smith on the 20th day of January 1897 in Stewart County Tennessee. They lived their married live in Cumberland City Tennessee. Andrew and Cora were farmers. Cora and Andrew had eight children. Cora died on the 12th day of October 1925. Andrew died on the 26th day of October 1935 of a heart attack. Both are buried at Scotts Chapel in P. Z. Ridge, near Cumberland City Tennessee.

Cora and Andrew Smith’s Children
1. Elmer Eugene Smith Born 2-2-1906. Married Leona Mae Hicks (b. 11-29-1913 – d. 3-1-1981). Daughter of Milton Otis Hicks and Orie Lee Stalls,(seen earlier) on 10-17-1936 in Dover Tennessee. Died 12-23-1967 (see later).
2. Bertha Smith Born ? Married Robert Clayton Ballard.
3. Gracy Smith Born 1907 Married ? Burns.
4. Irene Smith Born 1910 Married ? Gray.
5. Lillian Smith Born 1904 Married ? Hollis.
6. Alberta Smith Born 1916 Married Albert Hightower.
7. Ethel Ruth Smith Born ? Married Herman Smith.
8. Angelina E. Smith Born 12-17-1909. Married ? Barnes. Died 4-27-1942.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Surname: Sandyford

One of my blog followers is researching the surname Sandyford, also spelled Sandiford and Sandifer. Locales of interest to this person are Surry/Sussex County Va (early 1700's), Hereford/Edgecombe/Nash county NC and Louisiana. Anyone that would like to share information or help in the research of this name, please email me at and I will let this person know so they can make contact with you.
Thank you

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Elmer Eugene Smith

Elmer and Leona Smith's Wedding Day
25 May, 1936

Elmer Eugene Smith was born on the 2nd day of February, 1906. He was one of eight children born to Andrew and Cora Smith. Elmer was raised in the Church of God of Prophecy at Cumberland City in Stewart County Tennessee. Eugene had been married to a women by the name of Sally Pulley, they later divorced and he married Leona Mae Hicks, daughter of Milton Otis and Orie Hicks. They were married on the 25th of May 1936 by Magistrate, J. J. Wiggins of Stewart County Tennessee. To this union four children were born.
Eugene was known to be a kind and very gentle man. was said to have a very good sense of humor. His daughter Lillian describes him as a man of about 5’ 6” tall and weighed approximately 150 lbs. His nicknames were Gene, or Bean. He had Black hair and Blue eyes. Eugene sang tenor with the family, which was almost a nightly thing for the Smith family. He had worked at the local newspaper and then later as an electrician. Eugene had gotten electrocuted on the job. It is said that he died and had to be resuscitated. He had had Parkinson's and this incident seemed to have worsened his condition. Eugene later became and invalid.
On the 23rd of December 1967, Eugene passed on in his family’s home. He was interred at P Z Ridge in Scott's Chapel along with many members of his family. He is sadly missed by his family.

Eugene and Leona’s Smiths Children

1. Orie Jerlene Smith Born on the 7th day of May 1937 in Dover Tennessee. She married Clarence William Hutchison (b.1-11-1936) on 9-1-1955 in Stewart county Tennessee. To this union 3 children were born. 1. Thomas Eugene b. 8-28-1956 Dover Tennessee. Married Laurel Marie Thompson daughter of Chuck and Carmen Thompson. Tom and Laurel’s children were Michael Eugene (b. 10-15-1975) and Michelle Lee (b.2-7-1979) both children were born in Albuquerque New Mexico. – 2. William Clarence (b. 8-3-1957). Married Lanola Heaney daughter of William Heaney and Lee Etta Henson on 9-10-1982. They had one child Amber Renee (b. 10-24-1988). - 3. Jeanetta Lynne ( b. 12-23-1958). Married Larry Joe Brown. 2 children Amanda Renee (b. 5-16-1980) and Larry Joe (b. 5-17-1982).

2. Lillian Lorena Smith Born on the 8th day of August 1944 in Dover, Stewart County Tennessee. Married Jerry Don McConnell (b. 6-9-1947 – d. 10-16-1980) son of Alvie Orin McConnell (b. 10-14-1918 – d. 2-22-1997) and Margaret Eva Dunford (b. 3-15-1919 – d. 3-13-1999) on the 30th day of July 1964 in Weiser Idaho. To this union three children were born. Jerry Don McConnell Jr. born 28 May, 1965, Margaret Lea McConnell born 20 June, 1966 and Shannon Marie McConnell born 26 February, 1971. Lillian died on 20 April, 2006 in Cordell, Oklahoma. She is buried at the Hobart Cemetery in Hobert, Oklahoma.

3. Hillman Eugene Smith Born on the 21st day of November 1945 in Dover Tennessee. Hillman had no children.

4. Raymond Earl Smith Born on the 15th day of September 1947 in Dover Tennessee. Raymond married Lynda ? and had 2 children. Dawn Smith and Raymond Earl II. Raymond died of Colon Cancer on the 7th day of August 1986 in Dover. He is buried with both his parents at Scott's Chapel at P Z Ridge in Cumberland City Tennessee

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mary Jane Manning

Mary Jane Manning was born on the 5th day of September 1829 in Stewart County Tennessee. She was the 2nd child born to Lawerance and Nancy Manning. Mary married William Franklin Boneparte Clinton Stalls on the 30th day of June 1853 in Stewart County Tennessee. William was the son of James Stalls Jr, and Nancy Sexton Stalls (see later). Mary was a member of the Methodist Church. Records also indicate that Mary Manning became a member of the Liberty Baptist Church in October 1866. Mary died in Benton Kentucky on the 28th day of Febuary 1901.

Mary and William Stalls Children

1.William Elbert Stalls Born on the 26th day of May 1854. in Stewart County Tennessee. Died on the 30th day of December 1882.

2.Lucy Emer Stalls Born on the 15th day of May 1858 in Stewart County Tennessee. Died on the 15th day of August 1867

3.Jefferson Davis Stalls Born on the 16th day of August 1877 in Stewart County Tennessee. Died on the 27th day of March 1934. Married Minnie Susan Johnson on the 19th day of March 1890.

4.Charlie Stalls Born on the 15th day of January 1872 in Stewart County Tennessee. Died on the 2nd day of November 1965. Married Arminta Williams.

5.Odessa Lee Stalls Born on the 15th day of August 1865 in Stewart County Tennessee. Died on the 15th day of October 1866.

6.Ora Lee Stalls Born on the 30th day June of 1869 in Stewart County Tennessee. Died on the 8th day of June 1938. Married Milton Otis Hicks, son of James Madison and Parthenia Sills Hicks (seen earlier).

7.Dan Stalls Born ? Died ? Married ?

8. James L Stalls Born on the 15th day of August 1860 in Stewart County Tennessee. Died on the 5th day of September 1864.

9.George Lawrence Stalls Born on the 30th day of June 1863. Died on the 10th day of September 1864.

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Lambert and Elizabeth Sills Children

1 John Zells born 1716 in Surry Co Va. Died in 1777 in Sussex Co Va. Was married to Agnis Peebles (1719) daughter of Henry Peebles, Sr, of Prince George Co, Va, and Agnes Nicholson. Henry Peebles was born in 1695 in Fife Scotland to William Peebles (7 June 1635 Fife, Scotland) William was the son of David Peebles (1593 Scotland) and Elspet Mackie (1612 Scotland). William’s mother was Elizabeth Busby. Henry Peebles wife was Agnes Nicholson. Henry and Agnes’s children were; Henry J Peebles Jr. (pre-1740), Constance Peebles (ca 1715), Elizabeth Peebles (ca-1717), Agnes Peebles (ca-1719), Lucy Peebles (ca-1722), Amy Peebles (ca-1724), and Rebecca Peebles (ca-1726).

2 William Zells Born 1718 in Surry Co Va. Died on the 14th day of April 1761 in Sussex Co Va. Never married. In his will (#32 pg.37) dated April 14 1761 brought to court in June 1761, William left to brother John Sills saddle ect. Brother Isham Sills the money he owed me. Brother Peter Sills jacket ect. Brother Morris Sills money. Brother Lambert Sills, Drury Sills, and David Sills and sisters Sarah Sills and Lucey Freeman 1 shilling sterling each. Friend Richard Baley furniture. Friend Phillip Baley money. Thomas Bruer ? clothing. Friend Thomas Pope Jr residue of estate. Witnessed by Solomon Atkinson, Obadeah Pope, James Pope. Extr: Richard Baley.

3 Elizabeth Zells Born 1720 in Surry Co Va.Died ? Was married to ? Clark

4 Lambert Zells Jr ( the name was never used again). Born 1720 in Surry Co Va. Died 1762 in Sussex Co Va. Married to Anna ? 4-13-1753. According to Albemarle Paris records, it is recorded, the birth of Mary Zells daughter of Lambert and Anna Zells. Born ? Christened on the 29th day of June, 1760. Godparents included Henry Porch Jr, Hannah Wren, and Wilmouth Porch. Another child was recorded as Betty Zells, daughter of Lambert and Anna Zells, Born on the 4th day of October 1758. Christened on the 19th day of November, 1758. Godparents included Timothy Ezell, Anne Ezell, and Tabitha Wiggins.

5 Morris Zells Born 1722 in Surry Co Va. Died 1795 in Sussex Co Va. Married Lucy Peebles, daughter of Henry Peebles, Sr of Prince George Co, Va.

6 Lucretia ( Lucy ) Zells Born 1726 in Surry Co, Va. Died ? Married to William Freeman in 1761. There is one son of hers recorded in the Albemarle Parish records, his name is Robert Freeman, born on the 22nd day of November, 1750. Christened on the 17th day of March, 1750. His godparents were Lemuel Sills, John Ivy Jr, and Eleanor Freeman. Lucy Sills herself was recorded as a godparent to William Roe (a twin) son of Cannon and Sarah Roe. William was born on the 24th day of June 1747. Christened on the 2nd day of August, 1747. Other godparents included, Robert Sandefour and William Jones. Lucy was also the godparent to Mary Hancocke, the daughter of Clement and Antheny Hancocke. Mary was born in October of 1747. Christened on the 28th day of Febuary 1747/8. Other godparents included, Edward Pettway and Eliza Brown.

7 Isham Zells ( Sills ) Born 1728 in Sussex Co Va. Died 1802 in Halifax Co NC Married Elizabeth ? ( see later ) Probably buried at Trinity Episcopal Cemetery in Scotland Neck, Halifax Co, NC (some of his children are there).

8 Peter Zells Born 1730 in Sussex Co Va. Died ? married to Amy ? (Peter was noted as a slave trader). Albemarle Parish records show one child, Betty Zells, daughter of Peter and Amy Zells. Born in 1761. Christened on the 21st day of May 1761. Godparents included Mathew Sturdivant, Elisa Roe, and Martha Roe.

9 Drury Zells ca 1732 in Sussex Co, Va. Died ?. Married to ? According to Albemarle Parish records Drury Sills was the godparent to Henry Hancocke, Son of Robert and Eliza Hancocke. Henry was born on the 3rd day of March, 1757. Christened on the 1st day of May 1757. Other godparents included Thomas Peters and Sarah Underwood.

10 Sarah Zells Born 1734 in Sussex Co Va. Died ? Married ? According to Albemarle Parish Records Sarah was the god parent to William McTavish, son of Donald and Mary McTavish. William was born on the 27th day of July, 1746. Christened on the 21st day of September, 1746. Other godparents included William Stuart and John Weaver.

11 David Zells Born 1736 in Sussex Co Va. Moved to Brunswick Co, Va in 1765. Died the 25th day of July 1783 in Halifax Co NC. Married Agnis Batey. Albemarle Parish records show son Gray Zells, son of David and Agnes Zells. Born on the 22nd of November, 1759. Christened on the 25th of May 1760. Godparents included Slowman Wynne, Thos Sturdivant, and Elisa Sowerberry. Marriage records show that Gray Zells married Sarah Wyche on the 24th day of April, 1788 – Henry Wyche,Sec. David and Agnis had 9 know children, they were: 1. Gray Sills born 11-22-1759 Married ? Died ? - 2. John Sills born 1764 Married ? Died 8-8-1827 - 3. Richard Sills Born 1767 Married Charlotte Clark on 11-24-1791 Died 1822 - 4. Agnes Sills Born 1769 Married John Hunt 11-18-1790 Died ? - 5. Isham Sills Born 1772 Married Patsy Hazelwood Died 1803 - 6. David Sills Jr. Born 4-5-1774 Married 1st Mary Justiss 2nd Elizabeth Wilhite Died 6-13-1833 7. Lucy Sills Born 1778 Married ? Pennington Died ? - 9. Celia Sills Born 1782 Married Lewis Whittington 9-17-1803 Died ?

12. Stepson Thomas Brewer Born ? Died ? Married Mildred