Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Isham Sills Jr Noncupitive Will

We the undersign was at the dwelling house of Isham Sills during his and when he died, and states that died at his usual residence which he had lived many years. We the undersign state that we will and were called upon by the said Isham Sills to be in mind how he wanted his property disposed of after his decease, and he requested to see that his will was executed by the said Isham Sills. It will be decreed as follows. Being now in my right mind and perfect sense, I wish my wife to have my whole estate and property that was hers, to buy, sell, collect and pay off what accounts that are against me, and to live on the property as her necessity may require. Those children that are living with his remaining wife. It is my will that she shall divide unto them on so as to make their proportions equal to those who have left us. We the undersign state that said Isham Sills departed this life on the 23rd day of April 1832, and that a written memorandum of his will was made in one to two days after his decease.

Josiah Sills
Green X Wiggins
William Sills

Proved August term 1832

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