Monday, February 27, 2012

Be Nobody's Darling But Mine

I asked my aunt Jerlene how my grandfather Eugene Smith got his nickname Bean. She told me that he used to sing this song Be Nobody's Darling But Mine all the time and so my grandmother would call him Beno... This then turned into Bean. Here are the lyrics to the song...


Come sit by my side, little darlin'
Come lay your cool hand on my brow
Promise me that you will never
Be nobody's darlin' but mine.

Nobody's darlin' but mine, love
Be honest, be faithful, be kind
Promise me that you will never
Be nobody's darlin' but mine.

You're as sweet as the flowers of springtime
You're as pure as the dew from the rose
I had rather be somebody's darlin'
Than a poor girl that nobody knows.

My Mother is dead and in heaven
My Daddy has gone down below
Sister has gone to meet Mother
An where I'll go, nobody knows.

Goodbye, goodbye little darlin'
I'm leaving this cold world behind
Promise me that you will never
Be nobody's darlin' but mine.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

After 20 years and through this blog, I have finally received a picture of my grandfather Elmer Eugene Smith. His sister Grace Smith's grand daughter had located this picture and several others that belonged to her grand mother.
This picture was taken about 1948 in Dover, Tennessee. With Elmer is his oldest daughter Orie Jerlene about 11 years old, standing in the back. To the left standing is Hillman Eugene about 3 years old. On the right sitting, is my mother Lillian Lorena whom is about 4 years old. And on Elmer's lap is Raymond Earl who is about 2 years old.
Elmer died of Parkison's disease on 23, 1967. He is layed to rest at the Andrew Smith Cemetery at Cumberland City, along side many reletives including his wife Leona and son Raymond.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Alfred Pettit Hicks Death Certificate

After twenty years of research I have finally found out what happened to Alfred Pettit Hicks, son of James Hicks and Parthena Sills Hicks.
He died of Tuberculosis on the 29th day of May 1914 in Pemiscot county, Missouri and was buried at the Number Nine cemetery in Mississippi County Arkansas. His daughter Martha Pearl Hicks is buried there too. Last fall I went to Number Nine and discovered that there are very few markers left and none were of this family. I had contacted the County Courthouse and according to them, there are no cemetery records available.