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John (Jackson) Baggett

Recent research and the help of Leah Siegel, have brought to my attention that Jackson Baggett appears to have been known as “John” instead of Jackson. We will now be calling him John as most records indicate.
We first find John and American Baggett in the 1850 Montgomery county, Tn. census. They are both 21 years of age. This would put his birth at around 1829. It appears that he and American probably had just got married because there are no children in the home. Previous information from others state that America’s last name was Black. No marriage record has been located at this time.
Next we find John and a Mary (probably a nickname for American) in the 1870 Stewart county census. It is stated that he is 38 years old and was born in Tennessee. This would have John born in 1831. This census was taken in December 1869, but conflicts with the 1850 census for his age. The census states that Mary is 40 which lends credence that she was born in 1829. They have 6 of their 7 children living in the home with time: Jessie 17, Robert 15, Margaret 9, Burrell 6, Jarroll (which is probably John Wesley) and Mollie 5 months. John is shown as being a laborer.
Mary (American) appears to have died sometime before 1881, because John next married Elizabeth (Lizzie) Ladd. I have not found the marriage record proving this at this time. It is recorded in Lizzie’s death certificate that she was born on the 8 of August, 1859. Census records indicate she was born in Kentucky. Her parents are unknown to us at this time but the census states her father was born in the Kentucky and her mother was born in Michigan.
In the 1900 Census for Houston County, Jackson is listed with his wife, Margaret (according to Arrie Brown Baggett's World War I Registration Card, her name was Marguret Elizabeth Baggett). Jackson’s birth date is shown as August 1831, Lizzie’s as August 1859.
In the 1910 Census for Stewart County, TN, Lizzie Baggett is listed as a widow.
John died sometime 1900. His parents are unknown at this time.
In a WWI registration record for Lizzie and John’s son Horace Leonard, dated 5 June 1917 he states that he is the only one to support his invalid mother. Lizzie would be about 57 years old at this time. Lizzie died on 7 November, 1935 at age 76 and is buried in Houston County, Tn at the Ham Cemetery.

1. JESSIE4 BAGGETT, b. Abt. 1853, Montgomery County, TN.
2. JOHN NEWTON BAGGETT, b. 21 Feb 1854, Montgomery County, TN; d. 25 Feb 1923, Houston County, TN; m. AMELIA MARY PARKER, 08 Nov 1872, Stewart County, TN; b. Aug 1852, Tennessee; d. 19 Dec 1912, Houston County, TN.
3. ROBERT BAGGETT, b. Mar 1856, Montgomery County, TN; d. 04 Jul 1920, Stewart County, TN; m. REBECCA FRANCES DOWDY, daughter of URIAH DOWDY AND MARY WASHBURN; b. Oct 1856, Stewart County, TN; d. 05 Mar 1920, Stewart County, TN. They are buried at Scott's Chapel Cemetery, Stewart County, TN
4. MARGARET BAGGETT, b. Abt. 1861, Montgomery County, TN; m. JAMES F. HENDRIX, Abt. 1880; b. Abt. 1857, Montgomery County, TN.
5. BURRELL BAGGETT, b. 04 Mar 1864, Houston County, TN; d. 15 Nov 1907, Houston County, TN; m. SALLIE ADAMS, 12 Jul 1883, Stewart County, TN; b. 05 Apr 1867, Stewart County, TN; d. 27 Jun 1933, Shelby County, TN.
6. JOHN WESLEY BAGGETT, b. 25 Mar 1867, Houston County, TN; d. 19 Sep 1948, Houston County, TN; m. LUTHIE ORA BURNS, 10 May 1894; b. 02 Aug 1872, Dickson County, TN; d. 12 Jan 1949, Houston County, TN.
7. MOLLIE BAGGETT, b. 24 Dec 1869, Houston County, TN; d. 19 May 1950, Montgomery County, TN; m. THOMAS PHILLIPS, 04 Jul 1886, Stewart County, TN; b. Oct 1862, Stewart County, TN.

1. DAVID WILEY BAGGETT, b. 04 Dec 1881, Stewart County, TN; d. 14 Jun 1968, Carl Junction, MO; m. DORA MILDRED FLOYD, 10 Apr 1904, Stewart County, TN; b. 12 Jul 1882, Dover, Stewart County, TN; d. 22 Nov 1948.
2. HENRY RILEY BAGGETT, b. 04 Dec 1881, Stewart County, TN; d. 10 Sep 1976, Sumner County, TN; m. DORA ANN BARKER, 01 Jan 1909, Stewart County, TN; b. 20 Apr 1892, Stewart County, TN; d. 27 Oct 1961, Stewart County, TN.
3. SALLIE A. BAGGETT, b. May 1885, Stewart County, TN; d. Bef. 1976; m. JAMES ODOM, 10 Apr 1904, Stewart County, TN; b. Abt. 1874.
4. WILLIAM ISAAC BAGGETT, b. 12 Feb 1888, Houston County, TN; d. 17 Apr 1980, Montgomery County, TN; m. OVIE SALLY REYNOLDS, 02 Nov 1911, Houston County, TN; b. 16 Oct 1892, Houston County, TN; d. 12 Oct 1966.
5. HORACE GRANVILLE BAGGETT, b. 18 Dec 1890, Houston County, TN; d. Unknown.
6. DICIE A. BAGGETT, b. Oct 1891, Houston County, TN; d. Bef. 1976; m. HENRY MOHON, 18 Jul 1915, Houston County, TN.
7. VIOLA OLLIE BAGGETT, b. Feb 1894, Houston County, TN; d. Unknown, Stewart County, TN; m. WAYMOND CANADY, 15 Jul 1915, Houston County, TN; b. 15 Oct 1891, Stewart County, TN; d. Unknown, Stewart County, TN.
8. IRA BROWN BAGGETT, b. 22 Aug 1896, Houston County, TN; d. 26 Jan 1977, Houston County, TN; m. RUBY L. DURHAM, 23 Jan 1928, Houston County, TN; b. 26 Sep 1908, Stewart County, TN; d. 15 Sep 1993, Houston County, TN.

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