Friday, October 2, 2009

Monarchus Buchanan Fox

The following information was provided to me by Debbie. Debbie is one of my followers and is a descendant of Monarchus Fox. I know that this Fox family and my Fox family are related. Debbie and I are seeking information on the following family. We would also like confirmation that our Fox ancestors were Cherokee Indian as we believe them to be.

Monarchus Buchanan"Buck" Fox was born in September of 1856 in Trigg county, Kentucky. Son of William Buchanan Fox and Sarah Ann Hamilton. Buck married Ann Elizabeth Shaw on the 29th of Oct, 1883 in Stewart county, TN. Ann was born on the 1st day of Dec, 1868 in Stewart county, TN. She was the daughter of Leonard V. Shaw and Sarah Ann Futrell. Buck died on the 7th day of March 1900 in Stewart county and Ann died on the 28th day of March, 1941 in Stewart county. Ann Fox is buried in the Hicks cemetery.
Buck and Ann Fox's children are:
1. Donna Pearl Fox b, 29 Jan, 1884 Stewart county, TN. m, Marcus Franklin Chadwick on 4 Oct, 1901. d, 12 Feb, 1956.
2. Loney Rae Fox b, 26 Apr, 1886 Stewart county, TN. m, Coleman Albert Chadwick on 26 Mar, 1900. d, 20 Apr, 1968. b, Hicks Cemetery, Stewart county, TN.
3. Sallie Sota Fox b, 13 Dec, 1891 Stewart county, TN. m, Walter Daniel Outland on 27 Dec, 1910. d, 26 Feb, 1987. b, Bethel Methodist church Cemetery, Stewart county, TN
4. Cortus Evans Fox b, 29 Jun 1895 Stewart county, TN. m, Katie Bedie Ross on 26 Jan, 1919. d, 28 Feb, 1990 in Calloway county, Kentucky.
5. William Dewey Fox b, 22 Jan, 1899 Stewart county, TN. m, Mary Eunice Hughes on 21 Jan, 1923. d, 1 Oct, 1975. b, Stewart County Memorial Gardens, Stewart county TN.


  1. Hello Southerngal.. I am Anthony Luffman (Fox) my Mother is the grand daughter of Buck Fox Manarchus Buchanan Fox.. I am looking for more info On William Buchanan fox and Sarah.. have you found out any more about them.. I am rally interested in finding out who Williams Parents where.. I am finding a bill fox.. during that time but not sure if thats william.. ???? any help will be great.

    1. Hello Anthony Luffman,
      Are you related to Hilda Fox that married Nelson Luffman?

  2. Hello Anthony, I will look into this and see what I can find for you. I do believe that Buck was related to me. My great great great grandmother was named Winnie Fox. I have found where she and her future husband at the time was a buyer at a estate sale of Samuel Fox in 1832. I believe that he is the Patriarch to the Fox families in Stewart county.
    Your Luffman name is curious to me. One of my great uncles married a Luffman. Her name was Betty Luffman. I will have to see who her parents were. We may be related in more than on way.
    My email address is if you want to email me and we will work on this Fox thing.

  3. Hello, SouthernGal, I have reason to believe that we're related (probably distantly). My name is Cheyenna Choate, great-great-great granddaughter of Loney Rae Fox. I'm descended from her daughter, named Frocie Chadwick.
    I was looking into my family in an attempt to trace out who Monarchus' parents were, and I took notice of this post. It's nice to meet another person descended from Loney Rae.

    1. Hi Cheyenna Choate, Frocie Chadwick is my Aunt her sis Velma is my mother:)