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Walter Allen Baggett and Artie Vera Smith

Walter and Artie Baggett's Wedding Day
picture provided by Walter and Artie's great
grand daughter Phyllis Baggett Ball

The following information on Walter and Artie Baggett was provided by Phyllis Baggett Ball. Phyllis is the great granddaughter of Walter and Artie.

Walter Allen Baggett was born in October of 1883 in Cumberland City, TN. He was the 4th child born to Robertson and Rebecca Baggett. Walter married Artie Smith. Artie was the daughter of Tom Smith. Walter and Artie had five children. The first two children became very ill as toddlers and died. Phyllis said that her father said that Artie spoke of these children and kept their pictures on her wall until her death. Walter was said to have rocked the boys until they passed. This is very sad.

according to their granddaughter, Phyllis, Walter and Artie lived in a antebellum style home at Cumberland City. The house sat on a hill and overlooked the Cumberland River. Phyllis remember watching the boats go up and down the river. They had a servant that cooked and cleaned for them but was treated as one of the family.

Walter and Artie would make homemade balls from rubber band for great grand daughter Phyllis. Phyllis says that Walter and Artie were the most wonderful people. Artie died around 1960 and Walter died in the mid 1960's in his early 80's.

Walter and Artie Baggett’s Children

  1. Thestal Baggett, died young
  2. Emilis Baggett, died young
  3. Adam Weedless (also known as Son or Weedless) born 22 September 1909, married Leona Hodges born 8 June, 1912 daughter of John Hodges. John was a Constable of Cumberland City for a time. Leona died in February, 2008. Adam died 15 June, 1975.
  4. Orman Baggett
  5. Bernard Baggett

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