Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Confederate Pension Application of Andrew Jackson Smith Sr. Part 1

I was recently informed by a new found cousin of mine Vickie, that our grand father Andrew Jackson Smith Sr. was a veteran of the War Between the States. She mentioned that he had filed for a war pension and that it was rejected. I have since then ordered a copy of that record.

The following is the information was taken from that Confederate Pension application that was filed by Andrew Jackson Smith Sr. This application is quite extensive so I will only relay the questions that Andrew himself had answered on the application. Andrew’s answers are underlined. This application will be posted in a part series, due to the amount of information provided.

First Page

Stamped Rejected

Soldier’s Application for Pension

A J Smith (Andrew Jackson Smith Sr.)

Filed Sept 18, 1899

Second Page

I, A. J. Smith, a native of the State of Tennessee and now a citizen of Tennessee, resident at Elk Creek, In the county of Stewart in said State of Tennessee.

I do solemnly swear that, while in the discharge of my duty in the service of the Confederate or United States, as a member of: Co. H. Captain, Elbert Sexton. 50th Tenn, Col. Stacker.

I was wounded in the battle of (blank) and that from the effects of such wound or wounds I was disabled as follows: I was disabled by mounting a cannon on breast works (misspelled) by cannon falling against (scratched out) and throwing me against the cannage (misspelled).

In what County, State and year were you born: I was born in Montgomery County in 1835.

When did enlist and in what command? Give the names of the regimental and company officers under whom your were serving at date of wound or wounds: I enlisted at Dover Tenn, Sextons captain Stacker Col.

In what battle were you wounded and if not in battle state under what circumstances you received the injury or injuries?: Fort Donaldson received injuries as above stated

What was the precise nature of your wound or wounds? : I got a serious hurt in hip. Which hurt. Disabled me from services.

What limb if any did you lose by reason of said wound or wounds and if no limb state fully the disability caused by said wound or wounds and is said disability permanent?: The injury of hip causing paralyses of that limb on that side.

Were you incapacitated for service by reason of said wound wounds or service: I was taken to hospital.

Were you discharged from the army by reason of said wound, wounds or service?: Was taken prisoner.

If discharged from the army where were you and what did you do until the close of the war?: I was paroled and returned home, unable to move.

What was the name of the surgeon who attended you?:

Mills and Robertson.

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