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William Henry Smith

The following information comes from Linda and Pam. They are both granddaughters of William and Mary Smith. They are seeking information on this family.
I am a cousin to them on the Dowdy side. Mary Molly Dowdy is the daughter of my grandmother Rebecca Francis Dowdy's brother Marcus Luke Dowdy and Mary E Bryant. I also think that William Henry Smith may be the son of my great great grandfather Andrew Jackson Smith Sr's son John J. Smith. This would make us double cousins.
Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated.

William Henry Smith was born 13 June, 1875 in Stewart county, TN. He was the son of John Smith and Susan Etheridge. William married Mary Molly Dowdy on August 5th, 1896. Mary was born in Stewart County Tn. She was the daughter of Marcus (Mark) Luke Dowdy and Mary Bryant. William and Mary had 10 children. William died on the 1st of April 1957. Mary died on the 23rd of November 1927. Both are buried in Houston county, TN. in the Gray Cemetery.

The children of Wm. Henry and Mary Molly Dowdy Smith are:

1.George Vernon Smith, my father, b. 28 May 1919, d. 28 Jul 1993 in TN, married Edna Virginia Sherman

2. Edna Smith, b.6 Jul 1897, d. 30 Jul 1933 in TN of Cancer, married Lee Walters

3. Mary Smith, b. 26 Feb 1899, d. 9 Apr 1913 in TN of Meningitis.

4. Adam Arthur Smith, b. 7 Mar 1901, d. 6 Jun 1986 in MI of Colon Cancer; he was married 2 or 3 times but I don't have the names of his wives

5. Gertrude Bell Smith, b. 14 Sep 1903, d. 8 Feb 1920 in TN of Epilepsy.

6. Susan Ellis Smith, b. 7 Nov 1905, d. 21 Mar 1961 in IL of Arterial Sclerosis, married Ira Burnaine

7. Vida Ruth Smith, b. 7 Apr 1908, d. 3 Mar 1940 in TN of Heart Dropsy, married Loney Edmonds. (note* Loney Edmonds is related to me on my Hicks side)

8. Louise Smith, b. 2 May 1910, d. 22 Mar 2001 in OH, married Clarence Pegram

9. Charles Edward Smith, b. 8 Aug 1912, d. 5 May 1996 in MD, married Hester Bigham

10. Gilbert Henry Smith, b. 22 Feb 1915, d. 26 Feb 2001 in TN of Colon, married Mary Browning

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Andrew Jackson Smith Sr.

Andrew Jackson Smith Sr. was born in 1835 in Montgomery County, TN. New evidence indicates that he may have bee the son of James and Mary Smith. Andrew was married three times. His first wife was Elizabeth Odom. Andrew and Elizabeth had two children. They were Elizabeth Smith born in 1852 and John Smith born in 1854. Elizabeth died sometime after 1854 because on the 2nd day of March, 1859 Andrew married Agnes Elizabeth Nash. They were married by Justice of the Peace H. H. Trinkle.
Agnes was born in North Carolina in the year 1839. She was the daughter of Joseph Nash and Tempy Smith. Agnes’s brothers and sisters were Nancy Nash born 1841 in NC, and who later married Andrew’s brother Joseph Smith, James Nash born in NC in 1843 and Louisa born in NC in 1846. Andrew and Agnes had 3 children. Their children were Joseph Smith born in 1860, William Smith born in 1862 and who married Jermie Townsend and Frederick Smith born 1863.
On or around December 25 of 1861, Andrew volunteered for the Army at Fort Donelson. He was enlisted in the 50th Tennessee Infantry Company H. According to his pension application, Andrew was hurt by a cannon rolling on to him and knocking him down while he was loading it on the breast works. The cannon rolled onto his hip. He was taken to an Army hospital and then to prison. He was let out to go home. Andrews’s wife Agnes died soon after that, sometime between 1863 and 1865.
Andrew then married Aretha Ann Etheridge on 5 November 1865. They too were married by H. H. Trinkle. Aretha was the daughter of Joseph Etheridge and Sarah Dunaway. She was born in 1850 in Stewart County, TN. She was 15 years old when she and Andrew married. As census records indicate, Aretha went by Ann.
The 1870 Stewart County, TN. census shows that Andrew’s two children with Elizabeth are living with James and Mary Smith (his suspected parents) and his three children with Agnes are living with her parents Joseph and Tempy Nash. The 1880 census shows his and Agnes’s children still living with her parents.
Andrew and Ann had twelve children. It is said by family members that Andrew had a total of 21 children, only 17 are know so it would suggest that some died as babies or very young. Ann died sometime between 1891 and 1899. Andrew filed for a Confederate pension on 18 September, 1899. He was denied any compensation.
The Stewart County, TN census has 74 year old Andrew Sr. living with his son Andrew Jr. 39 and daughter in law Cora 32, grand children, Bertha E. 11, Ruth E. 9, Lillian 7, Gracie 5, Eugene 2, and a daughter not yet named, but whom became Angeline, 5 months old.
Andrew died August 30 1916 according to Stewart county records, but his head stone says 1917. He is buried in the Andrew Smith cemetery at Scott’s Chapel near Cumberland City. TN. One of Andrew’s great granddaughters’s, Vickie Burns; told me that her grandmother Grace told her that when Andrew died, it was a very hot August day and as they were carrying the body down the hill to the cemetery for burial the body burst from the heat and a horrible smell was emitted. The family made diligent efforts to hurry and get the body in the ground. Not a pretty story, but interesting none the less. It is stories such as this that indicates the conditions our forefathers endured.

Andrew and Aretha Ann’s Children
1. Thomas M. Smith born 1865. Married Rachel Fielder. One child, Artie Smith married Walter Baggett brother of Andrew Smith Jr’s wife Cora Baggett.
2. Andrew Jackson Smith Jr. born 26 June 1870 Stewart County, TN. Married Cora Green Viola Baggett. Died 1927.
3. Nancy Smith born 1872. Married Thomas B. Allen. Died 1892
4. Louisa Belle Smith, born 1877. Married Sam Pulley on 6 September 1894. They had two daughters, Sadie b: 1900 and Goldie born 1906. Belle died before 1920
5. Josephine (Josie) Smith born 1878. Married Robert Brake.
6. Missouri Smith born 1879.
7. Cora Smith born in May, 1880. Married Homer Baker.
8. Maude Smith born 1883. Married Melvin Brumley.
9. Etta Smith born 1885. Married Joe Hull.
10. Ella Smith born 1888. Married James Winters
11. Arvia Smith born 1891. Marred Everett Clements.

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Uriah Green Dowdy

Prisoners at Camp Douglas 1863
Picture taken from the Internet

Uriah Green Dowdy was born in 1828 in Stewart county, Tennessee. He was the son of James G. Dowdy and Martha Milam. Uriah married Mary Jane Washburn on 5 March, 1847. Mary was born in Stewart county, in 1830. Her parents have not be confirmed at this time.
The 1850 Stewart county, census has 22 year old Uriah as a farmer and living with 20 year old wife Mary and two children, 2 year old Marcus and 1 year old Uriah.

1860, Stewart county TN, one 35 year old Uriah is a farmer with 100 acres. He has in his home 35 year old wife Jane, 12 year old son Marcus, 10 year old son James, 8 year old daughter Missouri, 6 year old son John, 5 year old son Robert, 4 year old daughter and my great great grandmother Frances and 1 year old daughter Alice. How sad that Uriah left such a large family with so many children who would never know their father.
Uriah was a volunteer in the 5oth Tennessee Infantry. Co. I. He was captured at Fort Donalson and taken as prisoner to Camp Douglas in Chicago,Illinois. Uriah could very well be one of the Confederate soldiers in the picture above if the date of the picture is correct. Uriah died in September of 1862 of pneumonia at Camp Douglas. His body is interred at the Confederate Mound in the Oak Woods Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois.
Uriah and Mary had 8 children. Mary would have been just pregnant with the youngest Rachel at the on set of the war.
The 1870 census has 44 year old Jane Dowdy living at the Cumberland Iron Works. She is noted as keeping house. The children in the home were: 16 year old John, a laborer, 14 year old Robert, a laborer, 12 year old Becky, 10 year old Alice and 8 year old Rachel.
According to the 1880 Stewart county census, son in law Robertson, daughter Francis and grandchildren Alexander and Cora Baggett are living with 54 year old Mary . They are living in district 6 surrounded by Baggett and Smith families.
The date of Mary death is unknown at this time.

Uriah and Mary's Children.
1. Marcus (Mark) Luke Dowdy b: 1848 Stewart county, TN. Married Mary E. Bryant 1 September 1869. Information on Mark will be posted soon.
2. Uriah James Dowdy b: 1849 Stewart county, TN
3. Missouri J. Dowdy b: 1852 Stewart county, TN. Married a Smith. Widowed by 1880. She is 25 and living with her brother John, 26 and his wife Sallie 18 and her children Cynthia 10, Mary 8, Henry 3 and Eliza 1.
4. John Dowdy b: 1854 Stewart county, TN. Married Sallie
5. Robert Dowdy b: 1855 Stewart county, Tn
6. Rebecca Francis Dowdy b: October, 1856 Stewart county, TN. Married Robertson Baggett. Died 5 March 1920.
7.Alice Dowdy b: 1859 Stewart county, TN
8. Rachel Dowdy b: 1862 Stewart county, TN

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My Thanks to Everyone

My blog has proven to be one of the greatest tools that I have ever used in the research of my family. I have been contacted by so many family members that it has been incredible. I have been sent stories and pictures and family trees. Words cant express how wonderful this has all been.
I was recently contacted by a cousin on the Dowdy side. Her name is Pam and her Great Great Grandfather was Marcus (Mark) Luke Dowdy. Mark was the brother to my Great Great Grandmother Rebecca Francis Dowdy. I am going to start posting some of the information I have on the Dowdy family plus the information that Pam has shared on her family.
I have also been in contact with a cousin named Vickie. Her grandmother Grace Smith was the sister of my grandfather Elmer Smith. Vickie has shared so many stories with me about the family. Most of these stories I feel are special between her and I only. Some stories I will not share (its cool that way, its like we grew up together and we have secrets.)She did share some family knowledge that I never knew. This totally changes some of my Smith history, so I will be re-writing some of this to share with you all too. Hint: Andrew Jackson Smith Sr. appears to not to have been the son of John Joseph Smith and Lucinda Cunningham as once believed.
I also owe Leah Siegel, whom which I always misspell her name for some reason and if I did it again I apologize. Leah is the person who had sent me all the pictures of my great grand parents Andrew Smith Jr. and Cora Baggett Smith and my great great grandparents Robertson Baggett and Rebecca Dowdy and their family. Leah's boyfriend so happens to be another cousin on the Baggett side. What a great gift from her for sure. Thanks Leah!
I have also been sharing with Tony and Phyllis whom are cousins to me also, on the Baggett side. They have shared their family story with me and contributed the picture of Walter Baggett and Artie Smith. In fact we are double cousins, because they descend from Walter Baggett whom is my Grandmother Cora's brother and his wife Artie is the daughter of my great great grandfather Andrew Jackson Smiths Sr's son Thomas Smith.
And there's Debbie, who is related on the Fox side. She has shared her tree with me too. Together we are looking for information on the Fox Family.
I want to thank everyone for their pictures, stories and family information. I will be adding and revising to this blog with all this new information.

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Account of Estate of Lambert Zells 1751

Account of Estate of Lambert Zells

1751 An Account of the Estate of Lambert Zells Deceased Cr
sales :
To paid Col: Harrison 8:18:16 ¼
To Robert Hancock :14:0
To Morris Zells 0:15:0
By Thomas Bayley 3:2:0
To Walter Barr 0:5:6
To John Pully 0:2:6
To 1 Gatt: Rurn for funeral 0:5:0
To 3 lbs of sugar @ 5d ditto 0:1:3
To Thomas Penn--- 1:2:6
To Peter Smith for making coffin
To the Secretary 32 lbs Tobacco
To the Clerk 112
144 @ 2 d pts 1:4:0
To R Jones pro advice and assistance
In administration of the estate 1:1:6
To Thomas ? Juror 17:16:3 ¼
£ 18:18:9 1/8

By the estate sold at auction as per
Account of 3:8:0
By cash in the house 53:10:0
By sundries not sold viz+
1 Shoat @ 2 sides of leather @
3 pine stools 1 chair 1 paw paw
stool 1 spoon 1 porauger 1 drum
spindle 1 halter 2 stick baskets
5 drums 1 pair of knitting needles
1 lb wool
£ 80:8:0

Errors excepted & Elizabeth Zells, exectrix this 18th of October 1751
October year 18th 1751 The above account I find rightly stated
John Mason Jr {auditor}

As a court held for Surry County the 19th day of November 1751
The afore written account current of Lambert Zells deceased was returned and (being first audited by a person specially appointed) was ordered to be recorded
Aug Claiborne clk

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Foster Marlyn (Faut) Fox

Debbie and I are seeking information on the following family. We would also like confirmation that our Fox ancestors were Cherokee Indian as we believe them to be.

Foster Marlyn"Faut" Fox was born in 27 November of 1854 in Trigg county, Kentucky. Son of William Buchanan Fox and Sarah Ann Hamilton. Faut married Angeletta “Ettie” Bullock on the 28th of Sept, 1884 in Stewart county, TN. Ettie was born on the 17th day of Oct, 1868 in Stewart county, TN. She was the daughter of George Washington Bullock and Louisiana Bibby. Faut died on the 23rd day of March 1920 in Stewart county and Ettie died on the 5th day of March, 1942 in Stewart county.
Faut and Ettie Fox's children are:
1. Ryman Becevland Fox b, 25 Nov, 1885 Trigg county, Kentucky. m, Minnie Ada Creamer on 6 Jan, 1906. d, 16 Jun, 1973.
2. Nellie Fox b, Aug, 1888 Trigg county, Kentucky. m, James Fred Page (14/01/1887-06/16/1968 Henderson County, TN) on 1 Sept, 1906. d, 09/16/1917. Children were: Willie Page, Estie Page, Amos Martin Lozo Page (12/18/1912-01/19/1971) and Oscar Wesley Page (10/11/1916-01/21/1924)
3. William Ulus Fox b, Feb, 1890 Trigg county, Kentucky. d, 20 May, 1936. b, Hicks Cemetery, Stewart county, TN
4. George Carter Fox b, 23 Dec 1891 Trigg county, Kentucky. m, Lily Viola Travis on 15 Feb, 1916. d, 16 Dec, 1968 in Shelby county, TN. b. Hicks Cemetery, Stewart county, TN.
5. Eulons Fox Fox b, 1892 Trigg county, Kentucky
6. Buddie “Bubba” Fox b, 30 April, 1897 Trigg county, Kentucky. Maried Carrie Shaw. d. 3 April 1923 Stewart county, TN
7.Ruby Fox b. 25 May 1901 Trigg county, Kentucky
8.Ara Fox b. 6 Sept 1901 Trigg county, Kentucky m. Bryant Downs. d. Aug 1937. b. Hendon Cemetery, Stewart county, TN
9. Anna Fox b. 1904 Trigg county, Kentucky
10. Clyde Manarchus Fox b. 12 July 1906 Trigg county, Kentucky. M. Ruby Lorene Knight on 28 Nov 1928 Stewart county, TN. d. 7 Mar 1994 Charleston, MO