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Lawerance Manning

Lawerance M Manning was born in 1805 in North Carolina, possibly Nash County, to Mathew and Elizabeth Manning. He moved to Stewart County Tennessee after 1800. Lawerance was married to Nancy Joiner born in 1809-10 in ? Nancy was part Choctah Indian. On the 20th of August 1832, Lawerance had a administrator bond for Roderick Joiner. On the 2nd of November 1833, settlement for Roderick Joiner was made with Lawerance Manning by William Kay, C.C. Clements, and William Bailey. Lawerance was a farmer by trade, but he also had worked as a steam boat pilot on the Cumberland River. Stewart county court minutes show that he was appointed road overseer in place of Green D. Atkins on the 2nd of November 1835. Mathew was also a Methodist preacher. Lawerance owned approximately 1100 acres of land on the west side of the Cumberland River, 15 miles north of Dover. Records indicate that he traded one Negro valued at $500.00 for land in Stewart County, also that he sold Acree 33 acres. Lawerance died on the 7th day of October, 1849 in Stewart County Tennessee of a fever. His wife Nancy was shown on the 1850 census as having one female negro slave girl that was 19 years old living with her. The 1860 census shows her living with her daughter Mary, and her family.

Children of Lawerance and Nancy Manning

1. William E Manning Born on the 21 st day of January 1829. Died on the 29th day of July 1853. William is buried in the Acree Cemetery in the Land Between the Lakes area. Married Mary E, A, Luton, on the 14th day of January 1851 in Stewart County, Tn.. William left a will written on the 23rd day of July 1853. (see below)
The Verbal Will of William E, Manning
In the name of God, Amen, I, William E. Manning,
First I wish my loving wife, Eliza, in the absence of a living child to have and hold all my land and other property forever, but should the child should survive, the land is to belong to my wife Eliza, her life time and then to the child and furthermore it is my wish that my mother, Nancy Manning, have all the cleared land above the land to have and to hold her lifetime provided she remain on said land. But in case of death or removal from said land then belongs to my wife, Eliza, as above stated. This is what W.E. Manning stated to us to be his will in the above matter on Saturday morning, July 16, 1853 – written this 23rd day of July 1853.
T.H. Riggs
Henery Robertson
Sept term – 1853

A paper writing purporting to be the non-cussative will of Wm. E. Manning, deceased, was presented in open court and the same duly proven by Riggs and Robertson subscribing witness thereof and the same ordered to be recorded.

2. Mary Jane Manning Born on the 5th day of September 1832 in Stewart County Tennessee. Died in 1909. Married William Franklin Boneparte Clinton Stalls, on the 30th day of June 1851 in Stewart Co, Tn. William was the son of James and Nancy Stalls.

3. Georgian Manning born in 1834 in Stewart County Tennessee. Died ? Married James L Stalls on the 27th day of September 1851 in Stewart Co, Tn.

4. Emeline Manning Born 1836 in Stewart County Tennessee. Died ? Married Jasper Spiceland on the 19th day of March 1859 in Stewart Co, Tn.

5.Henery Manning born in 1840 in Stewart County Tennessee. Died ? Married Elizabeth Stalls on the 26th day of September 1865 in Stewart Co, Tn.

6. Martha L Manning born on the 6th day of October 1842 in Stewart County Tennessee. Died on the 30th day of November 1887 in Stewart Co, Tn. Martha is buried at the Champion Cemetery in Stewart County. Married Alfred J Byrd. Alfred was born on March 27, 1843 in Christian County, Kentucky. He was the son of James B. Byrd (1801-1845) and Catherine Bell Cook (d:1893). James and Catherine were married 16 May 1838. Alfred’s siblings were Print Byrd, Claude Byrd, Gus Byrd, Roena Byrd, Mattie Byrd, Georgia Ann Byrd, and James Lawerance Byrd. Alfred was the grandson of Shaderack Byrd (1750 in Bertie County North Carolina, died 30 April 1814) and Nancy Younge (1757-21 October 1833). Alfred served in the Civil War for the Confederacy as a Private in Company F 50th Tennessee Infantry under Lieutenant Colonel Randall W. McGavok at Fort Donaldson Tennessee. Alfred remarried to Mary Wiggins after Martha passed away. He was ordained as a Baptist Minister in 1877. He and Mary moved to Granite Oklahoma where he died on 2-20-1908.

7. Sarah Manning Born in 1844 in Stewart County Tennessee. Died ? Married ?

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