Monday, August 17, 2009

The Andrew Jackson Smith Jr. Family

Andrew Jackson Jr., Cora, Ethel, Lillian (on lap of Cora) and Bertha Smith
This picture appears to have been taken circ, 1905-06

This picture was sent to me by one of my blog followers, Leah Siegel. Andrew and Cora are my great grandparents. I have always wanted to know what they looked like. My family doesn't have any family pictures; with the exception of a few, other then this generation. My grandmothers house burned down and if she had any, they are long since gone. I only have one picture of Andrew and Cora's son Elmer whom is my mother's dad and you can hardly see his face. I would love to see my grandfather, Elmer Eugene Smith's face!

When Leah sent this to me last night, it was one of the greatest gifts that I could ever receive. I want to thank her publicly for this wonderful gift.

Any family pictures that can be shared with me would be truly welcomed.

Thank you Leah!

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  1. Hi SouthernGal
    my name is Harold Young I am thrilled to see the picture of the Andrew Jackson Smith Jr. family Bertha is my Grandmother and this is the first picture I have seen of her as a child.I heard of her brother Eugene growing up but never met him