Friday, November 20, 2009

My Thanks to Everyone

My blog has proven to be one of the greatest tools that I have ever used in the research of my family. I have been contacted by so many family members that it has been incredible. I have been sent stories and pictures and family trees. Words cant express how wonderful this has all been.
I was recently contacted by a cousin on the Dowdy side. Her name is Pam and her Great Great Grandfather was Marcus (Mark) Luke Dowdy. Mark was the brother to my Great Great Grandmother Rebecca Francis Dowdy. I am going to start posting some of the information I have on the Dowdy family plus the information that Pam has shared on her family.
I have also been in contact with a cousin named Vickie. Her grandmother Grace Smith was the sister of my grandfather Elmer Smith. Vickie has shared so many stories with me about the family. Most of these stories I feel are special between her and I only. Some stories I will not share (its cool that way, its like we grew up together and we have secrets.)She did share some family knowledge that I never knew. This totally changes some of my Smith history, so I will be re-writing some of this to share with you all too. Hint: Andrew Jackson Smith Sr. appears to not to have been the son of John Joseph Smith and Lucinda Cunningham as once believed.
I also owe Leah Siegel, whom which I always misspell her name for some reason and if I did it again I apologize. Leah is the person who had sent me all the pictures of my great grand parents Andrew Smith Jr. and Cora Baggett Smith and my great great grandparents Robertson Baggett and Rebecca Dowdy and their family. Leah's boyfriend so happens to be another cousin on the Baggett side. What a great gift from her for sure. Thanks Leah!
I have also been sharing with Tony and Phyllis whom are cousins to me also, on the Baggett side. They have shared their family story with me and contributed the picture of Walter Baggett and Artie Smith. In fact we are double cousins, because they descend from Walter Baggett whom is my Grandmother Cora's brother and his wife Artie is the daughter of my great great grandfather Andrew Jackson Smiths Sr's son Thomas Smith.
And there's Debbie, who is related on the Fox side. She has shared her tree with me too. Together we are looking for information on the Fox Family.
I want to thank everyone for their pictures, stories and family information. I will be adding and revising to this blog with all this new information.

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