Sunday, November 29, 2009

William Henry Smith

The following information comes from Linda and Pam. They are both granddaughters of William and Mary Smith. They are seeking information on this family.
I am a cousin to them on the Dowdy side. Mary Molly Dowdy is the daughter of my grandmother Rebecca Francis Dowdy's brother Marcus Luke Dowdy and Mary E Bryant. I also think that William Henry Smith may be the son of my great great grandfather Andrew Jackson Smith Sr's son John J. Smith. This would make us double cousins.
Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated.

William Henry Smith was born 13 June, 1875 in Stewart county, TN. He was the son of John Smith and Susan Etheridge. William married Mary Molly Dowdy on August 5th, 1896. Mary was born in Stewart County Tn. She was the daughter of Marcus (Mark) Luke Dowdy and Mary Bryant. William and Mary had 10 children. William died on the 1st of April 1957. Mary died on the 23rd of November 1927. Both are buried in Houston county, TN. in the Gray Cemetery.

The children of Wm. Henry and Mary Molly Dowdy Smith are:

1.George Vernon Smith, my father, b. 28 May 1919, d. 28 Jul 1993 in TN, married Edna Virginia Sherman

2. Edna Smith, b.6 Jul 1897, d. 30 Jul 1933 in TN of Cancer, married Lee Walters

3. Mary Smith, b. 26 Feb 1899, d. 9 Apr 1913 in TN of Meningitis.

4. Adam Arthur Smith, b. 7 Mar 1901, d. 6 Jun 1986 in MI of Colon Cancer; he was married 2 or 3 times but I don't have the names of his wives

5. Gertrude Bell Smith, b. 14 Sep 1903, d. 8 Feb 1920 in TN of Epilepsy.

6. Susan Ellis Smith, b. 7 Nov 1905, d. 21 Mar 1961 in IL of Arterial Sclerosis, married Ira Burnaine

7. Vida Ruth Smith, b. 7 Apr 1908, d. 3 Mar 1940 in TN of Heart Dropsy, married Loney Edmonds. (note* Loney Edmonds is related to me on my Hicks side)

8. Louise Smith, b. 2 May 1910, d. 22 Mar 2001 in OH, married Clarence Pegram

9. Charles Edward Smith, b. 8 Aug 1912, d. 5 May 1996 in MD, married Hester Bigham

10. Gilbert Henry Smith, b. 22 Feb 1915, d. 26 Feb 2001 in TN of Colon, married Mary Browning

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