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Winford E Hicks

Winford E Hicks
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Winford E. Hicks was born on the 3rd day of June, 1886 in Stewart county, TN to Milton Otis and Orie Lee Hicks. He married Lula Mae Sills (b. 1891 - d. 4-25-63), and it was said that he loved her very much. They had two sons. One died at a very young age. His name was Roy (b 7-18-11 - d. 2-29-12), he is buried in the Acree Cemetery. His other son was Levi (b. 11-6-15 -Levi passed a few years ago. Not quite sure of the date at this time).
Winford was a Baptist preacher. He preached at many small churches in Stewart county. These churches were small and Winford was paid mostly in the tithes of meat and other foods. Winford mainly preached at Neville's Creek Baptist church, but many Stewart county church histories list him in attendance or as a messenger. Lots of the old timers in Stewart county remembered Winford and have said that he was one of the finest preachers in from the area.
He had once written a extensive report on the Baptist faith. He read this at a Baptist convention, was well received and greatly applauded. Winford also had been a census taker of the Stewart county 1900 census.
Winford died of a heart attack on the 17th day of February 1963. His wife Lulu died two months later.
Any additional information on Winford would be greatly appreciated.

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