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Isham Zells (Sills) Sr.

Isham Zells was the 7th child of Lambert and Elizabeth Zells. He was born in 1728 in Sussex Co Va. Family legend says that Isham was “born with a veil”. This veil was a sign of a seer, or someone who could tell the future. Isham married Elizabeth ? The name Zells was changed to Sills after Isham’s move to North Carolina. Isham received 140 acres in Halifax Co, NC from Lord Granville on the 10th day of January 1762. This land was on the west side of Deep Creek, joining Thomas Brewer, Henry Jones, and Michael Dorman or /s/ Isham Sills Wits: Jno Linton, Jam Martin Jr. surveyed the 16th day of June 1761 CC: Wm Colson, Richard Jones, Jos Jno Williams surveyor. In the Halifax county deed book page 970, It shows that Major Walker sold land to Isham Zell (Sill) of the same, for 25 pounds provacation money on the 28th day of Febuary 1764. Again in the same deed book Isham Sills sold to Bythel Paire 150 acres joining Solomon Akins and Isham Sills for 31 pounds Virginia money on the 16th day of May 1768. Isham died in 1802 in Halifax Co NC. Ishams will dated March 3 1802 went to court in May 1802 (see below) Isham is probably buried at the Trinity Episcopal Church Cemetery in Scotland Neck, Halifax Co. Will Of Isham Sills Sr

Will # 663 pg 376 Halifax Co North Carolina. Isham Sills 3 Mar. 1802 May Ct. 1802
Son Isham Sills cattle, Son William Sills mare ect. Son Samuel Sills and daughters Elizabeth Sills and Mary Sills bed, furniture ect, each. Daughter Penny Hines cow and calf and at her death the same go to her children (names not given). Cruy Bryan 20 shillings Sarah Hobbs 40 shillings. Residue of estate to wife Elizabeth and at her death: the children of my son Benjamine Sills namely Thomas Sills, Joshua Sills, John Sills and Rebecca Sills 20 shillings and sons Samuel and William the plantation wheron I now live. And son Isham the place whereon he now lives.
Wit: John Perkins, Elizabeth Barker x her mark, Elizabeth Jones
Extrs: My sons Samuel and William.

Isham And Elizabeth Sills

1 Isham Sills Jr Born ca 1750 in Halifax Co NC. Died on the 23rd day of April 1832 in Stewart Co, Tn. Married to? Possibly Mary or Anna? (see later )

2 Samuel Sills Born ? in Halifax Co NC.. Died on the 30th day of July 1841 in Halifax Co NC Married to Elizabeth Wallace.

3 Elizabeth Parham Sills Born ? in Halifax Co NC. Died ca the 24th day of October 1838.( probably due to complications after child birth ) Married to William Ferington Batey. William whom was born in 1775. Died in December 1850. In a Cival War qestionaire, Benjamine Blanks Batey stated that he was the son of Elizabeth Sills daughter of Isham Sills of Virginia, and William Ferington Batey. Benjamine was born on the 10th day of October, 1838. His mother died two weeks after his birth. He stated that his parents own 300 acres of land and had slaves.

4 Mary Sills. Born ? in Halifax Co NC. Mary may have died possibly Stewart County Tennessee.

5 Benjamine Sills Born 1793 in Halifax Co NC. Died on the 17th day of December 1858 in Halifax Co NC. Married to Rebecca Barker daughter of John Barker born 1720 Surry Co Va. Died the 14th day of October 1808 in Iredell Co NC. Her mother was Elizabeth Gilliam Born 1727 in Surry Co Va. to Henchea Gilliam II and Faith Briggs. John and Elizabeth were married in 1745 in Surry Co Va. Elizabeth died in 1770 in Brunswick Co Va. Benjamine and Rebecca Sill’s children were; 1. John B Sills (ca- 1793) Married Charlotte Gray (1793 – 4-18-1859) Charlotte was the daughter of Thomas and Mary Gray. John and Charlotte’s children were Solomon J Sills (11-11-1816), Richard M Sills (8-27-1818 – 5-17-1957) never married, Henry E Sills (10-1-1820 – 1905) married Mary Jane Sills in December 1849, William T. Sills (3-22-1823 – 1875 married Martha Young on January 8 1849, Mary Rebecca Sills (11-9-1825 – 7-20-1870) married Robert Calvin Whitehead on March 27 1856, Emily Ann Sills (7-1-1828 – post-1880) never married, Lousia Frances Sills (6-22-1831 – 3-18-1883) married R F Hayes, Andrew J Sills (12-7-1834 – 7-17-1895) married Francis Gray on March 26 1863. 2. Thomas Sills, 3. Joshua Sills, 4. Rebecca Sills.

6 Crucy Sills Born ? in Halifax Co NC. Died? Married? Bryan, in 1802 in Halifax County North Carolina.
7 Sarah Sills Born ? in Halifax Co NC. Died? Married Drury Hobbs, in 1802 in Halifax County North Carolina.

8 Penny Sills Born ? in Halifax Co NC. Died? Married M. Hines, in 1802 in Halifax County North Carolina.


  1. Wow, you've done some great work! I'm pretty sure I've had contact with you in the past. When I lived in Pittsburgh, PA I believe you sent me a great deal of the information you have posted here! Well I've decided to start back on my research to see what I can find. The information you have here will help greatly!

  2. Yeah Anthony it is I, LOL. I seen yesterday where you signed on as a follower. You got to remember that you sent me alot of information too. I started this blog thinking it would help me in my research and boy has it. I have been in contact with several family members and received several pictures of my grandparents on my mom's father's side. It's been great. Well welcome aboard. Feel free to email me anytime at Great to hear from you Anthony!