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Raymond Earl Smith Obituary

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Raymond was my mother Lillian's brother. He is buried at the Andrew Smith cemetery at Cumberland City along with his father and mother and many other relatives on the Smith and Baggett side.

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Daniel Cary Hicks Updated!

The Reverend Daniel C Hicks and Wife Louisa Baily Hicks
Picture Provided by Danny R. Hicks, Grandson of Daniel and Louisa Hicks
Additional Information Provided by the Late Robert K. Hicks

Daniel Cary Hicks was born on 23 Dec 1869 in Stewart county, Tennessee. Daniel was the son of James Madison Hicks and Parthena Sills. He married Louisa Bailey, daughter of James Knox Polk Bailey and Nancy Katherine Stewart. Louisa was born on 29 Jan 1878 also in Stewart county. Daniel was a Baptist Minister and preached at Neville Creek Baptist Church in Stewart county. Daniel and Louisa had 9 children. Daniel died on 25 Apr 1925. Louisa died on 25 Aug 1925. Both are buried at Neville Creek Cemetery in Stewart county.
Daniel and Louisa Hicks Children:

1. Joseph Joshua Hicks. B: 29 Jan 1897 in Stewart county, TN. D: 24 Feb 1948 in Stewart county, TN. D: 18 Feb 1948 in Jonesboro, Arkansas. M: Ethel Louise Cherry, 13 Nov 1918 in Stewart county, TN. Had 2 known children.

a. Blanche Hicks. B: 9 Sept 1919 in Stewart county, TN. M: Maxwell Carney on 26 June 1935

b. Bobby Joe Hicks. B: 1936 in Stewart county, TN. M: Georganne ?

2. Dolly Ester Hicks. B: 9 Dec 1899 in Stewart county, TN. D: 1 Jan 1994. M: Irus Sills, 27 Nov 1925 in Stewart county, TN. 2 known children.

a. Robert Sills. B: April 1931. M: Hilda Sills. B: 1938. M: David Fletcher.

3. Mary Ellen Hicks, B: 3 Feb 1901 in Stewart county, TN. M: Rufus Roy Garland. 4 known children.

a. Rufus Daniel Garland. B: April 1927

b. Glen Eugene Garland. B: Oct 1929. M: Mary Elizabeth Green.

c. Marshal Wayne Garland. B: 10 Sept 1931. M: Georgiana "Jerry" Issa.

d. Billy Joe Garland. B: 7 Dec 1938. M: Nancy Thorn.

4. Samuel Edison Hicks, B: 15 Dec 1903 in Stewart county, TN. D: 24 Oct 1995 in Henry county, TN. M: Anna Mary Crutcher

5. Charles Franklin Pearce Hicks. B: 10 Feb 1906 in Stewart county, TN. M; Edith Othella Cathey, 17 Mar 1928 in Wellsburg, W Virginia. Edith was born 14 Sept 1912 in McCaysville, Georgia. Charles died 11 Nov 1972 in Holiday Florida. . 2 known children.

a. Charles Eugene Hicks B: 10 Oct 1929 in Akron, Ohio. M: Elizabeth "Betty" Magoulick.

b. Robert Kenneth Hicks (whom this information came from) B: 4 Oct 1935 in Akron, Ohio.

6. Ovela Hicks. B: 2 Apr 1908 in Stewart county, TN. D: 15 Mar 1993 in Clarksville TN. M: Henry Burnett Knight, son of Johnny Knight and Louella Smith. Henry was born 6 Jan 1888 in Stewart county, TN. D: 13 May 1974 in Clarksville TN. Had 1 known child.

a. Edward Burnett Knight b. 13 July 1931 m. Betty?

7. Jewel Catherine Hicks. B: 5 Oct 1910 in Stewart county, TN. M: Weller Crutcher on 11 Aug 1934 in Stewart county, TN. Weller died 22 May 1969 in Buchanan TN. One known child.

a. Jewell Katherine Crutcher, B: 22 Mar 1936 Model, Stewart county, TN. M: Bryan Thomas Morris on 22 Nov 1953.

8. Irl Rupert Hicks. B: 13 Dec 1915 in Stewart county, TN. M: Naomi Ruth Joiner on 27 Jan 1940 in Stewart county, TN. Died 27 Jan 1982 in Dothan, Alabama. Irl and Naomi had three children.

a. Sandra Hicks born 15 Dec 1940 Stewart Co. TN. M: Bobby Ray Marsh

b. Linda Hicks born 2 Feb 1945 Paducah, Kentucky. M: Obie Clyde Thomas

c. Danny Rupert Hicks born 8 Oct 1950 in Daleville, Alabama. M: first Carlin Bright, second Darlen Paremore.

9. Basil Vavil Hicks. B: 11 Feb 1913 in Stewart county, TN. D: 26 Mar 1999 in Murfreeboro, TN. M: Zanie Josephine Champion on 7 Jul 1934 in Stewart county, TN. Zanie was the daughter of Chester Champion and Harriet Outland. She was born on 22 May 1915 in Stewart county, TN. D: 25 Jan 2002 . Basil and Zanie had 3 Children.

a. Robbie Jennette Hicks B: 7 July 1935 in Stewart county, TN. M: James T. Jackson on 21 May 1955.

b. John Hicks. B: 2 Oct 1937 in Stewart county, TN. M: Janice Cook on 24 Feb 1962.

c. Judy Hicks. B: 2 Jul 1939 in Stewart county, TN. M: Lynn Lancaster on 9 May 1959.

Any additional information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Pictures definitely would be a blessing.

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Baylee Renee Tate

Baylee Renee Tate
Baylee is my granddaughter and she is now 14 months old. She is such a blessing to me and her Papa. We enjoy every minute we spend with her. You could say she is the light of our lives!
I just wanted to brag a little and show off her beautiful little face! Grandma loves you Baylee!!!