Monday, September 21, 2009

Annie Page *Updated*

I am seeking information on Annie Page. She was the wife of James Stalls Sr. Information that I do have is that she and James attended Saline Baptist Church at Bumpus Mills in Stewart county, Tn. These church records also list a member by the name of, Polly Page. Is Annie and Polly the same person? Tax records for James say that they lived at Standing Rock. I believe that Polly was born sometime in the 1780's in North Carolina, possibly Martin county. Any information on Annie/Polly would be greatly appreciated.

Annie Page and Polly Page are not the same person. One of my followers says that Polly, daughter of Vincent Page was born in 1844 in Stewart Co. She married Charles Gray and lived at Tobacco Port. Vincent whom was born in 1813 in Martin Co. NC also had another daughter named Rotia Frances Page who is the grandmother of the person supplying this updated information.


Who is my Annie Page?


  1. This Annie Page & Polly Page are not the same person. Polly Page born 1844 in Stewart County, married Charles Gray, both in 1860 Stewart Co. census, District 4, Tobacco Port. Polly was the daughter of Vincent Page, born 1813 in Martin Co., N.C. Another one of the Vincent Page daughters was Rotia Frances Page who was my g.g.g. grandmother.

  2. I will get this posted for you. Thanks for all your help.