Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Winford E Hicks

Winford E Hicks
Not a very good picture

Winford E. Hicks was born on the 3rd day of June, 1886 in Stewart county, TN to Milton Otis and Orie Lee Hicks. He married Lula Mae Sills (b. 1891 - d. 4-25-63), and it was said that he loved her very much. They had two sons. One died at a very young age. His name was Roy (b 7-18-11 - d. 2-29-12), he is buried in the Acree Cemetery. His other son was Levi (b. 11-6-15 -Levi passed a few years ago. Not quite sure of the date at this time).
Winford was a Baptist preacher. He preached at many small churches in Stewart county. These churches were small and Winford was paid mostly in the tithes of meat and other foods. Winford mainly preached at Neville's Creek Baptist church, but many Stewart county church histories list him in attendance or as a messenger. Lots of the old timers in Stewart county remembered Winford and have said that he was one of the finest preachers in from the area.
He had once written a extensive report on the Baptist faith. He read this at a Baptist convention, was well received and greatly applauded. Winford also had been a census taker of the Stewart county 1900 census.
Winford died of a heart attack on the 17th day of February 1963. His wife Lulu died two months later.
Any additional information on Winford would be greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Andrew Jackson Smith Jr's Will

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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Robertson Baggett Family

The above portrait was sent to me by Leah Siegel. It is of the Robertson Baggett family.Robertson and Rebecca Baggett were my great, great grandparents. Their daughter Cora was my great grandmother. It appears to have been taken prior to 1804 and is marked as follows: left to right, standing are: Clarence, Vennie, Walter, Alex, Robert and Jimmy. Front row, left to right are:Horace Leonard, Rebecca and Cora. Standing in very front is Cora's oldest daughter Bertha. One of Robert and Rebecca's boys is not in the picture and that is Jesse.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stalls Family Pictures

The children of Jefferson Davis Stalls and
Minnie Susan Johnson Stalls.
Ladies: Charlie, Sybil, Ophelia and Ossie
Men: Jefferson Davis, Ernest, Pearl and Truman
There were five more children that died young.
This picture was sent to me by a grandaughter of
Charlie Stalls.

Great Grandma Orie Stalls Hicks with her

Brother Charlie, his wife Minnie (Arminta Williams)
their son Pearlie. ca: 1930's

Monday, September 21, 2009

Annie Page *Updated*

I am seeking information on Annie Page. She was the wife of James Stalls Sr. Information that I do have is that she and James attended Saline Baptist Church at Bumpus Mills in Stewart county, Tn. These church records also list a member by the name of, Polly Page. Is Annie and Polly the same person? Tax records for James say that they lived at Standing Rock. I believe that Polly was born sometime in the 1780's in North Carolina, possibly Martin county. Any information on Annie/Polly would be greatly appreciated.

Annie Page and Polly Page are not the same person. One of my followers says that Polly, daughter of Vincent Page was born in 1844 in Stewart Co. She married Charles Gray and lived at Tobacco Port. Vincent whom was born in 1813 in Martin Co. NC also had another daughter named Rotia Frances Page who is the grandmother of the person supplying this updated information.


Who is my Annie Page?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Walter Allen Baggett and Artie Vera Smith

Walter and Artie Baggett's Wedding Day
picture provided by Walter and Artie's great
grand daughter Phyllis Baggett Ball

The following information on Walter and Artie Baggett was provided by Phyllis Baggett Ball. Phyllis is the great granddaughter of Walter and Artie.

Walter Allen Baggett was born in October of 1883 in Cumberland City, TN. He was the 4th child born to Robertson and Rebecca Baggett. Walter married Artie Smith. Artie was the daughter of Tom Smith. Walter and Artie had five children. The first two children became very ill as toddlers and died. Phyllis said that her father said that Artie spoke of these children and kept their pictures on her wall until her death. Walter was said to have rocked the boys until they passed. This is very sad.

according to their granddaughter, Phyllis, Walter and Artie lived in a antebellum style home at Cumberland City. The house sat on a hill and overlooked the Cumberland River. Phyllis remember watching the boats go up and down the river. They had a servant that cooked and cleaned for them but was treated as one of the family.

Walter and Artie would make homemade balls from rubber band for great grand daughter Phyllis. Phyllis says that Walter and Artie were the most wonderful people. Artie died around 1960 and Walter died in the mid 1960's in his early 80's.

Walter and Artie Baggett’s Children

  1. Thestal Baggett, died young
  2. Emilis Baggett, died young
  3. Adam Weedless (also known as Son or Weedless) born 22 September 1909, married Leona Hodges born 8 June, 1912 daughter of John Hodges. John was a Constable of Cumberland City for a time. Leona died in February, 2008. Adam died 15 June, 1975.
  4. Orman Baggett
  5. Bernard Baggett

Keep checking back, as this information will be updated

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Robertson and Rebecca Baggett

Rebecca Dowdy Baggett ca 1890's

Robertson Baggett ca 1890's
Leah Siegel sent me several pictures of various family members several weeks ago. Both of these people are my great, great grandparents. Its amazing to see the faces of these people. Fathers and mothers from whom I descend. Faces that close to 90 years ago, passed from this earth to meet the true father. Amazing and incrediable this circle of life is.... All I can say is Wow! and I don't mean Sham Wow. My forever, grateful, thanks to Leah!

Leah said that the pictures are not daguerreotype photos. She said that they are on paper, large 12x19 oval.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Andrew Jackson Smith Jr.

Andrew Jackson Smith Jr. ca 1906

Andrew Jackson Smith Jr. was born on the 26th day of June 1870. He was the 2nd child of Andrew Smith Sr. and Aretha (Reedy) Ann Etheridge. Andrew was Born in Cumberland City Tennessee. Andrew married Cora Green Viola Bagget on the 1st day of January 1897 in Stewart County Tennessee. Cora was born on the 3rd day of December 1877 and was the daughter of Robertson (Bob) Baggett and Rebecca Francis Dowdy. Andrew and Cora lived their married life at Cumberland City Tennessee. They had 8 children. Andrew died of a heart attack on the 26th day of October 1935. Cora died on the 12th day of October 1925. Both are buried along with a lot of family members in the Andrew Smith Cemetery, on Scotts Chapel Road near Cumberland City, Tennessee.

Children of ANDREW and CORA SMITH are:
1. Bertha Elmora Smith, b. 09 Dec 1898, Stewart County, TN; d. 02 Nov 1968. Married Robert Clayton Ballard
2. Ruth Ethel Smith, b. 28 Oct 1900, Stewart County, TN; d. 17 Dec 1987, Houston County, TN. Married Herman Allison Smith.
3. Lillian Pauline Smith, b. 24 Nov 1903, Stewart County, TN; d. 09 Dec 1940, Stewart County, TN. Married Johnnie Hollis
4. Grace Edna Smith, b. 18 May 1906, Stewart County, TN; d. 01 Nov 2002, Houston County, TN. Married Arthur Ewing Burns.
5. Elmer Eugene Smith, b. 02 Feb 1908, Stewart County, TN; d. 23 Dec 1967, Stewart County, TN. Married Leona Mae Hicks.
6. Edith Angeline Smith, b. 17 Dec 1909, Stewart County, TN; d. 27 Apr 1940; m. Wiley Barnes.
7. Thelma Irene Smith, b. 25 Nov 1912, Stewart County, TN; d. 28 May 2003, Houston County, TN. Married Ivy Gray and Homer Allison.
8. Lacey Alberta Smith, b. 15 Oct 1915, Stewart County, TN; d. Unknown. Married Albert Hightower.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Isham Zells (Sills) Sr.

Isham Zells was the 7th child of Lambert and Elizabeth Zells. He was born in 1728 in Sussex Co Va. Family legend says that Isham was “born with a veil”. This veil was a sign of a seer, or someone who could tell the future. Isham married Elizabeth ? The name Zells was changed to Sills after Isham’s move to North Carolina. Isham received 140 acres in Halifax Co, NC from Lord Granville on the 10th day of January 1762. This land was on the west side of Deep Creek, joining Thomas Brewer, Henry Jones, and Michael Dorman or /s/ Isham Sills Wits: Jno Linton, Jam Martin Jr. surveyed the 16th day of June 1761 CC: Wm Colson, Richard Jones, Jos Jno Williams surveyor. In the Halifax county deed book page 970, It shows that Major Walker sold land to Isham Zell (Sill) of the same, for 25 pounds provacation money on the 28th day of Febuary 1764. Again in the same deed book Isham Sills sold to Bythel Paire 150 acres joining Solomon Akins and Isham Sills for 31 pounds Virginia money on the 16th day of May 1768. Isham died in 1802 in Halifax Co NC. Ishams will dated March 3 1802 went to court in May 1802 (see below) Isham is probably buried at the Trinity Episcopal Church Cemetery in Scotland Neck, Halifax Co. Will Of Isham Sills Sr

Will # 663 pg 376 Halifax Co North Carolina. Isham Sills 3 Mar. 1802 May Ct. 1802
Son Isham Sills cattle, Son William Sills mare ect. Son Samuel Sills and daughters Elizabeth Sills and Mary Sills bed, furniture ect, each. Daughter Penny Hines cow and calf and at her death the same go to her children (names not given). Cruy Bryan 20 shillings Sarah Hobbs 40 shillings. Residue of estate to wife Elizabeth and at her death: the children of my son Benjamine Sills namely Thomas Sills, Joshua Sills, John Sills and Rebecca Sills 20 shillings and sons Samuel and William the plantation wheron I now live. And son Isham the place whereon he now lives.
Wit: John Perkins, Elizabeth Barker x her mark, Elizabeth Jones
Extrs: My sons Samuel and William.

Isham And Elizabeth Sills

1 Isham Sills Jr Born ca 1750 in Halifax Co NC. Died on the 23rd day of April 1832 in Stewart Co, Tn. Married to? Possibly Mary or Anna? (see later )

2 Samuel Sills Born ? in Halifax Co NC.. Died on the 30th day of July 1841 in Halifax Co NC Married to Elizabeth Wallace.

3 Elizabeth Parham Sills Born ? in Halifax Co NC. Died ca the 24th day of October 1838.( probably due to complications after child birth ) Married to William Ferington Batey. William whom was born in 1775. Died in December 1850. In a Cival War qestionaire, Benjamine Blanks Batey stated that he was the son of Elizabeth Sills daughter of Isham Sills of Virginia, and William Ferington Batey. Benjamine was born on the 10th day of October, 1838. His mother died two weeks after his birth. He stated that his parents own 300 acres of land and had slaves.

4 Mary Sills. Born ? in Halifax Co NC. Mary may have died possibly Stewart County Tennessee.

5 Benjamine Sills Born 1793 in Halifax Co NC. Died on the 17th day of December 1858 in Halifax Co NC. Married to Rebecca Barker daughter of John Barker born 1720 Surry Co Va. Died the 14th day of October 1808 in Iredell Co NC. Her mother was Elizabeth Gilliam Born 1727 in Surry Co Va. to Henchea Gilliam II and Faith Briggs. John and Elizabeth were married in 1745 in Surry Co Va. Elizabeth died in 1770 in Brunswick Co Va. Benjamine and Rebecca Sill’s children were; 1. John B Sills (ca- 1793) Married Charlotte Gray (1793 – 4-18-1859) Charlotte was the daughter of Thomas and Mary Gray. John and Charlotte’s children were Solomon J Sills (11-11-1816), Richard M Sills (8-27-1818 – 5-17-1957) never married, Henry E Sills (10-1-1820 – 1905) married Mary Jane Sills in December 1849, William T. Sills (3-22-1823 – 1875 married Martha Young on January 8 1849, Mary Rebecca Sills (11-9-1825 – 7-20-1870) married Robert Calvin Whitehead on March 27 1856, Emily Ann Sills (7-1-1828 – post-1880) never married, Lousia Frances Sills (6-22-1831 – 3-18-1883) married R F Hayes, Andrew J Sills (12-7-1834 – 7-17-1895) married Francis Gray on March 26 1863. 2. Thomas Sills, 3. Joshua Sills, 4. Rebecca Sills.

6 Crucy Sills Born ? in Halifax Co NC. Died? Married? Bryan, in 1802 in Halifax County North Carolina.
7 Sarah Sills Born ? in Halifax Co NC. Died? Married Drury Hobbs, in 1802 in Halifax County North Carolina.

8 Penny Sills Born ? in Halifax Co NC. Died? Married M. Hines, in 1802 in Halifax County North Carolina.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rebecca Francis (Fannie) Dowdy

Rebecca Dowdy Baggett, ca; 1900
Picture Courtesy of Leah Siegel
Fannie was born in October of 1856 in Tennessee. She was the daughter of Uriah Green Dowdy and Mary Jane Washburn. Mary Jane Washburn was the daughter of Enoch Washburn and Rachel. Uriah was the son of James G Dowdy and Martha Francis Milam (daughter of James Milam and Rebecca Jackson, granddaughter of Adam Milam and Elizabeth Solomon Jackson). Some of my notes for James G show he was a faculty member of the McKendree Church from ca. 1797 to 1812 along with John C Dowdy. Other members named Dowdy along with date they joined were: John C. 1838 Watson T. 1848, George W. 1855, Lucinda. 1837, Martha. Only note is she died 1887, Theora G. 1854 removed to Arkansas, Frances R. 1855 died Feb. 17th 1863 and was single. James G. Dowdy was the son of William C. Dowdy.
Uriah, Fannie’s father; fought in the War Between the States for the Confederacy. He was captured at Fort Donelson and was taken to Camp Douglas in Chicago Illinois were he died of Pneumonia.
Fannie married Robertson Baggett. Robertson (Robert, Bob) Baggett was born in March of 1855 in Tennessee. Robertson was the son of Jackson Baggett and America Black Baggett. Together Robertson and Fannie had 10 children. Robertson died on the 4th day of May 1920. Fannie died on the 5th day of March 1920. Both are buried in the Andrew Smith Cemetery on Scotts Chapel Road near Cumberland City in Tennessee.