Thursday, March 19, 2009

What in the World happened to Alfred P Hicks

My great grandfather Milton Hicks had a brother named Alfred P Hicks. Alfred was born in February of 1873. He is the only child of James and Parthena Hicks that was born in Kentucky (according to census records). I believe that he married Florence Sizemore also of Kentucky. This marriage record I found in Trigg County. I also found one Trigg county census for the year of 1910 that shows he and Florence and the following children were living in the same household: Bertha Hicks born 1904 in Tn, Lena Hicks born 1906 in Tn, Annie M. born 1908 in Tn and a Farney Hicks born 1910 in Ky. I can find no other records of any of them. I desperately would like to find some mention of this family somewhere, because I believe that I may be able to have some of my brick walls hurdled. So..... What in the World happened to Alfred P. Hicks?


  1. Garland Hicks had a son named Alfred, and called 'Dock'. But this Alfred was born 2 Jan 1845, according to a letter from Goldie Barrow written about 1970-75. Alfred had a number of children, mostly girls, including one named Cora. Someone sent me a picture of this Dock Hicks, labelled only as Cora's dad. But he is NOT the same Hicks you are looking for. Nothing like bit of extra info to confuse the issue, right?

  2. Hi SouthernGal,
    I don't think that A.P.Hicks that married Florence Sizemore is the Alfred P. Hicks your looking for cause he is living with his mother Parenthea Hicks on the 1900 Stewart Co, Census and it shows him a single. The trigg county marriage records shows A.P. Hicks and Florence Sizemore married Dec-30-1858. Hope this helps.


  3. Thank you Debbie! This is what I am thinking too. I'm sorry that I didn't see your comment till now. I have had people tell me that the Alfred "Doc" Hicks, who married Betsy Finely is him but his age does not match up. I found the same info you found and believe that is my Alfred too.