Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Milton Otis Hicks

Milton Otis Hicks

Milton Hicks was born in Stewart County Tennessee on the 18th of November 1863. He was the son of James Madison Hicks and Parthena (Sills) Hicks. He married Orie Lee Stalls on the 9th of August 1885. Orie was the daughter of William Franklin Bonaparte Clinton Stalls and Mary Jane (Manning) Stalls.

Milton worked in many of the small towns in Stewart county as the postmaster until these offices closed or he was moved to another post office to work. He was self educated with no formal schooling. He studied law in the office of J. W. Stout and passed the Tennessee bar in 1896. He became an attorney and then Milton became the judge of Stewart county from 1926 to 1934.

Milton and Orie had 8 children born of them. Winford E. Hicks 6/3/1886-2/17/1963, Etta Quincy Hicks 9/9/1888-2/1933, Kenneth Hicks 4/1892-?, Inez Hicks 7/21/1895-10/26/1975, William O. Hicks 9/15/1899-9/18/1938, Daisy Hicks 1903-1913, Walter Hillman Hicks 7/7/1906-5/13/1987 and Leona Mae Hicks (my grandmother) 11/29/1913-4/1/1981.

My brick wall with this side of the family is Milton's father. I have been trying to find out who the parents of James Madison Hicks are. If anyone has any information, please contact me.


  1. This is opinion and not backed up with fact. I think Milton Otis Hicks' father, James Madison Hicks, was the 12-year-old James M. Hicks listed with Benjamin Patrick Hicks' family in the 1850 census. Everything about this family prior to the birth of Benjamin Patrick Hicks c 1814 is a mystery that has confounded me since the 1960's, though.

    I THINK that Benjamin Patrick Hicks had two brothers, Garland Hicks, b 1818 and John Wesley Hicks b c 1812. Each of these three appeared on the Trigg County tax rolls when they'd have turned 21 (according to these guesses) and paid taxes on a horse, bridle, and saddle and nothing else. I have found many cases that tie Ben and Garland together, but no proof that they are brothers. I THINK, no proof at all, that John Wesley Hicks married, had James Milton Hicks, and died before 1840 leaving Benjamin to rear the son. The 1840 census shows a 2 year old child in Ben's household, that COULD have been James Milton. On the 1850 census, the known children of Benjamin are listed first, in order of age, and then James M. Hicks is listed below them, age 12.

    Please help me prove this right, or else prove it wrong! It's been bothering me for almost 50 years now.

    On Bertha Hicks - was she the Bertha who was librarian in Dover in the 1860's? Hazel Shaw pointed me to that woman, and told me she was related to Milton Otis Hicks. I can't get to that letter file right now - sorry. Norris Barrow might know, for I think his mother also mentioned this librarian to me in letters back then.

  2. Betty, I have seen your posting on Benjamine Hicks. Yes I believe that James (Miltons father) was the one living with Benjamin. I too have had so much trouble figuring out that side of the family. There is a answer somewhere, and we will find it. That is why I created this blog spot, I hoped it would bring in some additional descendents. Lets keep trying, and with some luck this will work. Thanks.

  3. Oh, and Betty, see if you can find out more on Bertha. That sounds like a plausable link.