Wednesday, March 18, 2009

General Information

Hi all, I want to introduce myself and explain what this blog is all about. My name is Marty and I am the daughter of Jerry Don McConnell and Lillian Lorena Smith. My mom Lillian was born in Dover on 8 August 1944. I lost her to a heart attack in 2006. She loved Dover and all the little surrounding towns, she just loved Stewart County in general. We visited her mother Leona whom lived in Dover quite a bit when we were kids, but it was not till I was an adult that I came to appreciate Stewart county and the legacy my people and others contributed to the area. The loss of these people's land to the government has always caused pain and anguish in my heart. I have dedicated about 20 years so far into researching my mother's family. I will continue to do so through all means and with the addition of this blog maybe I will be able to hurdle some of the brick walls I have encountered.
I know some people will not want to join the blog network in order to contact me, so I will allow people to email me at in order to share information. If you do however want to join the blog scene to make contact with me and others, simply get a google account (which is free) and then join this blog spot (which is also free). You can keep your same email address ect... It's very simple and only takes a few moment.
I will post pictures and family information here as often as I can. I will also make this page a little more pleasant to look at in due time.
So welcome to my Stewart County Meetin Place. Come on in and sit a spell and lets talk about the good ol' times in this great county and people we love.

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