Monday, March 30, 2009

James Stalls Sr.

James Stalls was born ca. 1787. It is believed that he may have been born in Martin county, North Carolina. He married Annie (Polly) Page whom was also of North Carolina. There is some indications that she may have been the daughter of Vinson Page Sr. Vinson had a daughter named Polly Page of about the same age as our Annie or "Polly" would be.

Military records for Martin County, North Carolina indicate that James Stalls was enlisted in the 3rd Regiment, 5th Company of Martin county in the War of 1812.

It is believed that The Stalls family moved to Stewart county sometime around 1820. The Vinson Page family moved there about the same time, which may be an indicator of the family ties with Annie.

Research of Stewart county church records, found that in the Saline Baptist church at Bumpus Mills minutes, there was a James and Polly Stalls who were members on the 3rd Sunday of July 1823.

Court Records show that the first Stalls to appear on the county tax records was a Jesse Stalls. Then on 5 February, 1827 James Stalls, Elisha Williams and William Pugh had an administrators bond for Jesse Stalls. It is possible that Jesse was Jame's father. Records for 7 May, 1829 have James appointed as a circuit court juror for the next term.

The Stewart county census of 1830 have a James Stalls age 50-60 years and a Josiah Stalls age 50-60 years living at Standing Rock. Josiah was more than likely a brother due to the closeness in age.

James died in 1841, cause unknown. He was still living at Standing Rock. I have not researched enough to find out what happened to Annie (Polly). The only two children of James and Annie that are known are:

James Stalls Jr. (my grgrgr grandpa) born ca 1807, who married Nancy Sexton (more on these two later)

Elijah Stalls born 29 May 1811 and married Edna Barrow.

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  1. I noticed that you have Elizabeth Stalls, daughter of Elijah & Edna (Barrows) Stalls listed as having married C.C. Thomison in Stewart County, TN on 21 Dec 1865. That is not correct. I have documentation proving that Henrietta, also known as Retty or Rittie Stalls (daughter of Theophulas "Offie" and Gatsy (Cherry) Stalls) is the one who married C. C. (which should be J. G. or Jefferson Green) Thomison/Thomason. Jefferson Green & Henrietta Stalls Thomason were my husband's great grandparents. If you are interested in the documentation just let me know and I will be glad to provide it. Henrietta died in 1917 in Stewart County, TN and J.G. Thomason died in a hospital in Clarksville, Montgomery County, TN in 1901. J.G. Thomason was a Civil War Veteran.