Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Songs My Mother Sung

When my mother was growing up they did not have the same forms of entertainment that our children do today or even what I had growing up for that matter. My grandma Onie taught her kids to play the guitar by ear and taught them all the old bluegrass and civil war era songs that she and her family sung as they were growing up.
Even though my brother, sister and I never learned to play the guitar from my mom, she introduced us to these wonderful songs that her family and other people around the Stewart county area sung to entertain themselves.
I want to introduce some of these songs to you. Some of you Stewart countians may remember some of these songs, but maybe have forgotten the lyrics. I want to add "Songs my Mother Sung" as a way to jog those sweet childhood memories of the folks of Stewart county or introduce them to the new generations that might visit here that have never heard them before. Enjoy!

Beautiful, Beautiful Brown Eyes

Beautiful beautiful brown eyes
Beautiful beautiful brown eyes
Beautiful beautiful brown eyes
I'll never love blue eyes again

Last night I staggered in the bar room
Fell right down on the floor
These were the words I uttered
I'll never get drunk anymore


Oh Willie oh Willie I love you
Love you with all of my heart
Tomorrow we were to be married
But liquor has kept us apart


For seven long years I've been married
Wish I was single again
A girl doesn't know half her troubles
Until she has married a man

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