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Lambert and Elizabeth Sills Children

1 John Zells born 1716 in Surry Co Va. Died in 1777 in Sussex Co Va. Was married to Agnis Peebles (1719) daughter of Henry Peebles, Sr, of Prince George Co, Va, and Agnes Nicholson. Henry Peebles was born in 1695 in Fife Scotland to William Peebles (7 June 1635 Fife, Scotland) William was the son of David Peebles (1593 Scotland) and Elspet Mackie (1612 Scotland). William’s mother was Elizabeth Busby. Henry Peebles wife was Agnes Nicholson. Henry and Agnes’s children were; Henry J Peebles Jr. (pre-1740), Constance Peebles (ca 1715), Elizabeth Peebles (ca-1717), Agnes Peebles (ca-1719), Lucy Peebles (ca-1722), Amy Peebles (ca-1724), and Rebecca Peebles (ca-1726).

2 William Zells Born 1718 in Surry Co Va. Died on the 14th day of April 1761 in Sussex Co Va. Never married. In his will (#32 pg.37) dated April 14 1761 brought to court in June 1761, William left to brother John Sills saddle ect. Brother Isham Sills the money he owed me. Brother Peter Sills jacket ect. Brother Morris Sills money. Brother Lambert Sills, Drury Sills, and David Sills and sisters Sarah Sills and Lucey Freeman 1 shilling sterling each. Friend Richard Baley furniture. Friend Phillip Baley money. Thomas Bruer ? clothing. Friend Thomas Pope Jr residue of estate. Witnessed by Solomon Atkinson, Obadeah Pope, James Pope. Extr: Richard Baley.

3 Elizabeth Zells Born 1720 in Surry Co Va.Died ? Was married to ? Clark

4 Lambert Zells Jr ( the name was never used again). Born 1720 in Surry Co Va. Died 1762 in Sussex Co Va. Married to Anna ? 4-13-1753. According to Albemarle Paris records, it is recorded, the birth of Mary Zells daughter of Lambert and Anna Zells. Born ? Christened on the 29th day of June, 1760. Godparents included Henry Porch Jr, Hannah Wren, and Wilmouth Porch. Another child was recorded as Betty Zells, daughter of Lambert and Anna Zells, Born on the 4th day of October 1758. Christened on the 19th day of November, 1758. Godparents included Timothy Ezell, Anne Ezell, and Tabitha Wiggins.

5 Morris Zells Born 1722 in Surry Co Va. Died 1795 in Sussex Co Va. Married Lucy Peebles, daughter of Henry Peebles, Sr of Prince George Co, Va.

6 Lucretia ( Lucy ) Zells Born 1726 in Surry Co, Va. Died ? Married to William Freeman in 1761. There is one son of hers recorded in the Albemarle Parish records, his name is Robert Freeman, born on the 22nd day of November, 1750. Christened on the 17th day of March, 1750. His godparents were Lemuel Sills, John Ivy Jr, and Eleanor Freeman. Lucy Sills herself was recorded as a godparent to William Roe (a twin) son of Cannon and Sarah Roe. William was born on the 24th day of June 1747. Christened on the 2nd day of August, 1747. Other godparents included, Robert Sandefour and William Jones. Lucy was also the godparent to Mary Hancocke, the daughter of Clement and Antheny Hancocke. Mary was born in October of 1747. Christened on the 28th day of Febuary 1747/8. Other godparents included, Edward Pettway and Eliza Brown.

7 Isham Zells ( Sills ) Born 1728 in Sussex Co Va. Died 1802 in Halifax Co NC Married Elizabeth ? ( see later ) Probably buried at Trinity Episcopal Cemetery in Scotland Neck, Halifax Co, NC (some of his children are there).

8 Peter Zells Born 1730 in Sussex Co Va. Died ? married to Amy ? (Peter was noted as a slave trader). Albemarle Parish records show one child, Betty Zells, daughter of Peter and Amy Zells. Born in 1761. Christened on the 21st day of May 1761. Godparents included Mathew Sturdivant, Elisa Roe, and Martha Roe.

9 Drury Zells ca 1732 in Sussex Co, Va. Died ?. Married to ? According to Albemarle Parish records Drury Sills was the godparent to Henry Hancocke, Son of Robert and Eliza Hancocke. Henry was born on the 3rd day of March, 1757. Christened on the 1st day of May 1757. Other godparents included Thomas Peters and Sarah Underwood.

10 Sarah Zells Born 1734 in Sussex Co Va. Died ? Married ? According to Albemarle Parish Records Sarah was the god parent to William McTavish, son of Donald and Mary McTavish. William was born on the 27th day of July, 1746. Christened on the 21st day of September, 1746. Other godparents included William Stuart and John Weaver.

11 David Zells Born 1736 in Sussex Co Va. Moved to Brunswick Co, Va in 1765. Died the 25th day of July 1783 in Halifax Co NC. Married Agnis Batey. Albemarle Parish records show son Gray Zells, son of David and Agnes Zells. Born on the 22nd of November, 1759. Christened on the 25th of May 1760. Godparents included Slowman Wynne, Thos Sturdivant, and Elisa Sowerberry. Marriage records show that Gray Zells married Sarah Wyche on the 24th day of April, 1788 – Henry Wyche,Sec. David and Agnis had 9 know children, they were: 1. Gray Sills born 11-22-1759 Married ? Died ? - 2. John Sills born 1764 Married ? Died 8-8-1827 - 3. Richard Sills Born 1767 Married Charlotte Clark on 11-24-1791 Died 1822 - 4. Agnes Sills Born 1769 Married John Hunt 11-18-1790 Died ? - 5. Isham Sills Born 1772 Married Patsy Hazelwood Died 1803 - 6. David Sills Jr. Born 4-5-1774 Married 1st Mary Justiss 2nd Elizabeth Wilhite Died 6-13-1833 7. Lucy Sills Born 1778 Married ? Pennington Died ? - 9. Celia Sills Born 1782 Married Lewis Whittington 9-17-1803 Died ?

12. Stepson Thomas Brewer Born ? Died ? Married Mildred

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