Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Winny Fox

Who was Winny Fox?

The answer to this question has always eluded me. I will tell you here: what I've been told, what I have found, What I haven't found and what I want to know. Maybe someone out there can answer some of my questions. I would be ever grateful. If anyone can help, they can email me at
What I've been told:
1. Winny Fox was Parthena (Sills) Hicks mother.
2. My Uncle Walter Hicks also had a writing that states this too.
3. Winny was full blooded Cherokee Indian.
4. My mom said that we are kin to men named: Nip, Tuck, Faut and Buck Fox (no joke).

What I've Found:
1. There's a Moses Fox listed on the 1806 and 07 Stewart county Tax List.
2. A Samuel Fox received a grant south of the Walker line of 50 acres on the Cumberland River on2-8-1826.
3. There's a Annis Fox with 50 acres on the Cumberland River listed in the 1830 Stewart County Tax List.
4. In a 1832 estate sale of Samuel Fox, Josiah Sills and a Winny Fox were listed as buyers.
5. I read somewhere, that Isham Sills would not run off Cherokee Indians from his land and they were welcome to his church. I believe it was Crockett's Creek Church. I will relocate this.
6. There is a Faut Fox listed as dying in Model on 3/22/1920. Roney Askew was the purchaser of the death certificate.
7. Josiah's probate, no will and listing no family.
8. The 1840 Stewart county census showing Josiah, a wife and seven children in the home. (or are these his children?)

What I haven't found:
1. A marriage licence for Josiah Sills and Winny Fox.
2. What happened to Winny and her children after Josiah died in 1847.
3. Josiah owned alot of land when he died. His will did not leave his wife and children anything.
4. Who Buck, Nip and Tuck Fox were or if they existed.

My questions are:
1. Who is Winny Fox?
2. Where did she go after Josiah died?
3. Who were all of Josiah and Winny's Children?
4. Where did these Fox people come from?
5. Were the Foxes Cherokee? Could that be why there is no marriage licence or why they received nothing in Josiah's will?
6. Actually, I have a million questions.....


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