Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lambert Zells (Sills), Part 1

Several years ago, I had sent my information on the Zells (Sills) family to several family members. They have posted my information on the Internet. That was fine by me. But... a couple of years ago I updated the information by doing some research on the area to which they lived and added some of the information to my writings. I will post here, my writings on this family based on the research that I did. This will have to be a part series as it is alot of information. Enjoy.........

Lambert Zells ( Zills, Sills, there are many different spelling variances. ) was born in sometime between 1690 – 1695. Most information found shows that he was probably born in Alsace Lorraine, France. Early Virginia records indicate that he was transported to Virginia in 1714. Records that have been found in the publishing of Cavaliers and Pioneers page 150 states that; Capt Henery Harrison of Surry county and Phillip Ludwell esquire, granted 6365 acres of land in Surry and Ilse of Wight counties on the South side of Nottoway River, beginning at the mouth of the 3rd branch on the south side of Hunting Quarter southwest. Dividing this and the Land of Mr. Benjamine Harrison: by Raccoon southwest to corner of Hinshea Gulliam. Recorded on 16th June 1714 for 40 shillings and improvements. 120 persons were granted, one being Lambert Zells.
Colonial Virginia in the early 1700s was slowly becoming spread out from the original settlement of Jamestown. For the most part it was still a wild and primitive place. The land was heavily forested and the soil was fertile and good for planting. Water was readily available to the settlers via the James River, the Blackwater River and other creeks and tributaries. These waterways were flourishing with fish and shellfish which supplemented the inhabitant’s diets.
Indians still remained a constant threat to the settlers. The Powhaton was the main tribe in there area. Other small bands of Cherokee, Chickahominy, Chesapeake, Nottoway, Pocomoke and Shawnee also were in there area.
The land that was granted to Lambert was located in Surry County. Surry County was formed in 1652 from part of James City County that lay southwest of the James River. James City County was one of eight original shires designated in 1634 from the original settlement of Jamestown of 1607.

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