Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lillian Lorena Smith. Part 8

Marvin and I divorced in 1988, and I met Gary H. Prough. It was about one week there and the honeymoon was over. I still live with him. We have a beautiful place in Cordell Oklahoma. We have 60 acres that we plant in wheat. We also have a nice home.
I worked for about seven and one half years at the Best Western Trade Winds as a desk clerk, in Clinton Oklahoma. I quit working there when we moved to Cordell. I have every luxury that anyone could want or need, these things that I had dreamed of as a child. That same little girl that daydreamed and had Arlar as a playmate is still a large part of me, but at 52, I will just stay put and enjoy the few things I can. I still love to read especially things about history. I love the Civil War, and stuff about my ancestors. I love working in my yard; all 5 acres of it, and visiting with people. I don’t really care much for animals.
My kids are all grown now, and I have seven grandchildren.

I am so proud of all of them. They have all done so well with their lives. If there was only one thing that I could wish for, it would be that my kids and grandkids will find happiness and lots of love in their lives. I saw to it that my children never had to grow up without their basic needs. In years to come, when my descendants read this, I also want the best for them. I also would have loved to know you, just as I have longed to know my ancestors.

Lillian Lorena Smith
November 12 1997

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