Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Family Heros

With honor; on this Memorial Day, I present
family members whom have served this country. Each
one of these brave men put their lives at risk for the
country that they loved. Some returned home to their
families after the war, and some never did. Let’s
not forget the brave American men who gave
everything, so that we would remain free. Bless my
grandmothers and aunts who’s husbands or sons
never came home. I say that they to are true heroes!

Revolutionary War

Philip McConnell
Samuel Townsend
Andrew Townsend
Taylor Townsend
John Townsend
Henry Townsend
William Dunaway

War of 1812

William Sills
Accius Etheridge
James Stalls

Mexican War

Eli Townsend

War Between the States

Benjamine Batey
Elisha Townsend
James M Hicks
David A. McConnell
Alfred J. Byrd
Elisha Townsend
John T Dunford
Charles B. McConnell
William G. Elms
John C. Griffin
Thomas Black
James McGaha
Uriah Dowdy
James Dunford
Philip Dunford


Thomas S. Hicks
Mathew Manning
Adam Dowdy
Theodore Dowdy
Dewey Sills
Marion Sills
Michel Sills
Tony Sills


Walter H. Hicks
Basil Hicks
John P. Dunford
Edgar A. McConnell
Eugene McConnell
Leonard T. Dunford

Korean War

Marvin R. Turner
Donald J. Dunford
John Russell


Alvie McConnell

I'm sorry, but I'm sure that there are some family members that I have missed here. To all, I say thank you! You are my family, you are my heroes!

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