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Robertson Baggett

Robertson (Robert, Bob) Baggett was born in March of 1855. He was the 14th child of 14 children born of his father Jackson Baggett. Robertson’s mother was America Black, Jackson’s second wife. Robertson married **Rebecca Francis (Fannie) Dowdy . Rebecca was the daughter of Uriah Green Dowdy and Mary Jane Washburn. Fannie was born in October of 1856. Together Robertson and Fannie had 10 children. Robertson died on the 4th day of May 1920. Fannie died on the 5th day of March 1920. Both are buried Scotts Chapel at P. Z. Ridge near Cumberland City in Tennessee.

**Notes on Rebecca Francis Dowdy’s Family

1. William C Dowdy. William was Jame's father.
2. James G Dowdy and Martha Francis Milam (daughter of James Milam and Rebecca Jackson, granddaughter of Adam Milam and Elizabeth Solomon Jackson) James was Uriah's father.
a. James G was a faculty member of the McKendree Church from ca. 1797 to 1812 along with John C Dowdy.
b. Other members named Dowdy along with date they joined were: John C. 1838 Watson T. 1848, George W. 1855, Lucinda. 1837, Martha. Only note is she died 1887, Theora G. 1854 removed to Arkansas, Frances R. 1855 died Feb. 17th 1863 and was single.
3. Uriah Dowdy and Mary Jane Washburn (daughter of Enoch Washburn and Rachel)
a. Uriah fought in the War Between the States for the Confederacy. He was captured at Fort Donelson and was taken to Camp Douglas in Chicago Illinois were he died of Pneumonia.

Robertson and Rebecca Bagget’s Children

1. Cora Green Viola Bagget. Born on the 3rd day of December 1877. Married Andrew Jackson Smith Jr. on the 20th day of January 1897. Died on the 10th day of December 1925.
2. Ike Bagget. Born in January 1879. Married ? Died ?
3. Robertson Bagget Jr. Born in September 1880. Married Dora Baker. Died in 1924.
4. Walter Allen Bagget. Born in October 1883. Married Artie Smith. Died ?
5. Venius Sylvester Bagget. Born in October 1884. Married ? Died ?
6. Jesse Bagget. Born in May 1886. Married ? Died ?
7. Clarence Lafayette Bagget. Born in August 1888. Married Mary Ryan McIntosh. Died ?
8. Horace Leonard Bagget. Born in April 1894. Married Bula Hudson. Died ?
9. William Henery Bagget. Born ? Married Effie Creek. Died ?
10. Jimmy Bagget. Born in 1886. Married ? Died in 1904.

I would like information on the "America Black" family. Any help on discovering this family would be great! or... any additional information on the Baggetts would be appreciated too.

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  1. Hi! I have a great deal of information on this Baggett family. Robert Baggett was the third child of his parents, Jackson Baggett and America Black. America was Jackson's first wife. His second wife was Elizabeth Ladd. I have come to believe that Jackson was in fact John Baggett of Montgomery County. Jackson and America had 7 children, Jackson and Elizabeth Ladd had 8 children. If you would like more information, please email me at I live in Houston County.