Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Songs My Mother Sung

Will You Miss Me

When these lips shall never more
Place a kiss upon thy brow
When life holds still in death
Will you love me then as now


Will you miss me
Will you miss me
Will you miss me
Will you miss me when I'm gone

Perhaps you'll plant some flowers
Round my cold unworthy grave
Come and sit along here beside me
Where the roses nod and wave

(sing chorus)

On a cold dark Sunday morning
In a land not far away
A little girl from old Kentucky
Lifted up her voice to say

(sing chorus)

Boy that one was pretty dreary wasn't it? Seems like our ancestors were in constant mourning doesn't it? Whoo..... My mom had what they call a "old timey voice". She was really made to sing these songs and she sounded great doing it! I miss hearing her sing!

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