Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Grandma Onie's Sayings

I guess you could say Grandma Onie had a way with words. Mom and Aunt Jerelene said that Grandma Onie had a lot of funny sayings. She also like to make rhymes out of people's names ect... I had put a list of her sayings here that are quite interesting. I catch myself saying these too, because my mother used them. It's funny how that works. Enjoy......

¨ If it thunders before 7 o’clock it will rain before 11 o’clock.
¨ When the leaves on the trees turn their backs up facing the sky, it was coming a storm
¨ When it is storming and it gets real still she called it the calm before the storm.
¨ If you got a sty on your eye, go to a crossroad and say “sty, sty come off my eye, get on the next one that passes by.”
¨ She believed animals could sense danger, and she told of a time when her dog Spot would try to push her away from something that she couldn’t see.
¨ When you moved from one house to another you should never take your old broom.
¨ Don’t let a cat around a small baby because it will suck its breath away.
¨ Red skies at night sailor’s delight, red skies in morning sailors take warning.
¨ Spread flour on a surface and place a snail on it and it will spell out the initials of the person you will marry.
¨ In the summer time when she heard a crow call, she said it was calling for rain.
¨ If your left hand itches, you were going to shake hands with a stranger. If your right hand itched you were going to get some money. If the bottom of your feet itched you were going to walk on strange land. If your ears rang someone talking about you.
¨ The south shall rise again and the Indians too, and I’m gonna be in on both of them.
¨ Save your Confederate money and Wampams.
Contributed by Jerlene and Lillian Smith

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