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Isham Sills Jr

Isham Sills Jr was born ca 1750 in Halifax Co NC. It is unknown at this time who exactly his wife was. Her name is most likely Anna. According to records, Isham was granted land that was on the south boundary of a dogwood running west to two oaks south 125 poles, east 60 poles. This land was granted to Isham by his father on grant #418 dated December 8 1796, and entered on the 28th day of August 1810 #4998. Records indicate that the Sills left Halifax County N.C. around 1809 and arrived in Stewart County Tennessee in 1810. Isham’s name appears in the Saline Baptist Church meeting minutes on 20 November 1813. On 2 may 1814, Isham Sills along with Nathan Boon and Nathan Skinner put in an administrators bond for Thomas Barfoot. Isham was appointed juror for the March term of Circuit Court in 1815 in Stewart Co, Tn. In 1815 records indicate that, Isham received 3 land grants in Stewart County. Isham then moved his family to Stewart County Tennessee sometime between 1815 and 1820. On 7 August 1815, William Sills, Isham Sills and Ezekiel Cox put in an administrators bond for Jepha Joiner. In 1823 it was set up that Isham would conduct a ferry across the Cumberland River to Olives Kentucky (later renamed Linton Kentucky). There are records in the Halifax County deed book 26 pg, 52 Dated the 2nd day of August 1823 Says, Isham Sills of Stewart County Tennessee gives Rolen Wells power of attorney to sell his land back in North Carolina. Also on book 26, pg, 59 Dated the 17th day of November, 1823 Rolen Wells attorney for Isham Sills, sells a 150 acre tract of land adjoining William Rawls, George Spruill, and General Young, where Isham lived at the time of his fathers death which his father left him. George Spruill bought this land which was on Deep Creek. In 1825 Isham received a land grant in Henry County, Tn. In 1825 Isham Sills deeded 2 acres of land to Crockett Creek Baptist Church. 12 May 1826 shows that Isham Sills, William Sill, Willie Sills and others were buyers at the sale of estate for Axom Vincent. In the Stewart county court minutes it is indicated that on the 7th of May 1829 Isham was appointed circuit juror for the next term. Isham Sills lived upon his death on Crockett Creek 23rd day of April 1832. According to the National Banner & Nashville Daily Advertiser, Isham was known extensively throughout Tennessee and adjoining states as “The Faith Doctor.”
Isham Sills Jr Children
1. William Sills Born ca 1781 in Halifax Co NC. Died 1847 in Stewart Co Tn. William was a lieutenant in the militia in Captain Acreys company, in the War of 1812. He married Patsy Savage. William’s name appears in the Saline Baptist Church meeting minutes on 20 November 1813. William received a land grant of 50 acres in Stewart County Tennessee on the 14th day of September 1826. William Sills was noted as a buyer at the estate sale of Enos Outland on 29 October 1835. William was a preacher in many churches in and around Stewart County.

2. Willie Sills Born ? in Halifax Co Tn. Died ? in Stewart Co Tn. There is a record from August 5th 1829 that shows were Willie voted at Burnetts Precinct in Trigg County Kentucky. Willie appears to have been somewhat of a troublemaker. There court records of two incidents one; on the 23rd day of March 1835, he was fined 25 dollars for assault with murderous intent, two; Willie Sills was noted as being a buyer at the estate sale of Frederick Weston in May 1835. In 1837, Willie was tried on the charge of kidnapping a woman of color but was acquitted.

3. Sarah S Sills Born ? in Halifax Co NC. Died ? Married Green H Wiggins.

4. Hardy B Sills Born 1782 in Halifax Co NC. Died between 1840 – 1850. Married Sally Wiggins in 1803 in Halifax Co NC. Hardy and Sally Sills are believed to be buried in the Sills Cemetery. Court records indicate that Hardy received two land grants in Stewart County, one for 100 acres on the 13th day of September 1826 and the other for 57 acres on the 30th day September 1847. Hardy and Sally had 5 children, they were; Hardy Sills Jr.(b. 1806), Sarah Sills(married a Wiggins. B. 1811 d. 1893), David Sills (b. 9-12-1815 d. 1890), married Pheribe Belisle (1813 – 1900) Isham Sills (b. 1822. Married Mary Polly Belilse, they had 5 children, Tabitha, Isham, Josephus, Isabella, and Alma), and Mary Ann Kate (Katie) Sills (b. 2-8-1830 d. 2-28-1888. Married a W.H. Belilse (b. 6-29-1834 d. 2 14 1881)).

5. Josiah Sills Born Ca 1794 in Halifax Co NC. Died 1847 in Stewart Co Tn. Married Winnie Fox. (see my other posting on Josiah)

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  1. Hi! What is your source for Mary Ann "Katie" Sills Belisle being the daughter of Hardy Sr? I have her as daughter to Hardy, Jr. Hardy Sr's daughter Mary Elizabeth Sills married James Spiceland, then upon his death, Henry Robertson.