Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lillian Lorena Smith, Part 3

When I was six years old, I finally started school. I was in the second grade. I remember that Eisenhower was president, and my cousin went into the Marines. I cried all day at school and my brother who was in the first grade, had to come and try to calm me down. He told me that he was going to hit me if I didn’t shut up.
By this time I was reading real good. At the start of school, I would take all my books home and read them till I had them all read. This continued all through school. I loved to read anything, but I hated arithmetic.
When I was in the second grade we had a play and all the girls were butterflies. We had the cutest outfits. The wings were made of crepe paper. I was so small that I was at the end of the line. I had a hard time to keep up with the others. This was my first taste of performing and I loved it. After that, if they needed anyone to sing I would volunteer and would sing and act in every play. I did this all through school and even through high school.
I seemed like every year when the school had a Easter egg hunt I came down with a rash all over my body and I would miss the hunt. We never got to eat boiled eggs at home but I sure liked them. My brothers would always bring theirs home and share them with me.

Stay tuned..... There's more to come


  1. And you're still singing with that machine! :)

  2. Yeah, It's funny but my mom is who got us all doing the Kareoke thing. That machine in the garage used to be hers. That was part of my inheritance. LOL