Friday, April 16, 2010

Alfred P. Hicks. Mystery Pert Near Solved!

With the recent information provided by Danny Hicks, via the late Robert Hick's writings and thus combined with my new research, we may have finally solved the mystery of what happened to Alfred P. Hicks. One really exciting fact that I got from Danny and Robert is the the "P" of Alfred's middle name stands for Petit. This is interesting because "Petit" is a known family name in Stewart county.

According to a postcard written by Joseph Joshua Hicks dated 16 Oct 1941 to his mother Louisa Bailey Hicks back home in Model, TN. He had been visiting Amanda Brunson, Bertha, Lena, Annie and Fonnie Hicks in Mississippi county, Arkansas. He had been told by them that "Alfred, Florence and Pearl were buried at No 9." This was quite curious so I got out the Atlas and low and behold, there is a Number Nine, Arkansas.

Number Nine, Arkansas was named after the Number Nine mill. The township sprang up as people moved to the area to work clearing timber. I can not find any records on the Internet for the Number Nine cemetery, but I have contacted a local funeral home and am waiting on a response. So here is what information that I have to date.

Alfred Petit Hicks
Alfred Petit Hicks was born in February 1873 in Trigg county, Kentucky. He was the son of James and Parthena Hicks. Alfred married Florence I. Sizemore on 30 Dec 1890 in Stewart county, TN. Florence was born about 1876 in Stewart county, TN. Alfred and Florence had 5 children. According to Robert Hick's work, Alfred died 29 May 1914 in Arkansas, cause not mentioned. The late Amanda Brunson stated that he is buried at Number Nine. I'm still seeking confirmation of this. Florence's date of death is unknown at this time.
Children of Alfred and Florence Hicks:
1. Pearl Hicks. B: 1902 in Stewart county, TN. Died sometime after 1920 but before 16 Oct 1941. Supposed to be buried in the Number Nine cemetery in Number Nine, AR.
2. Bertha P. Hicks. B: 7 May 1903 in Stewart county, TN. D: 22 Oct 1970 in Rosemead CA. Buried at the Rose Hill cemetery in Rosemead CA. M: Oscar G. Page. They had 2 children.
a. Norena Page.
b. Murrell L. Page. B: 22 Sept 1930 in Mississippi county, AR. D: 14 Sept 1971 in Los Angeles, CA.
3. Lena Ester Hicks. B: 1906 in Stewart county, TN. D: 7 April 1972 in Blytheville, AR. M: Lonnie Lee Baty. Lonnie was born 18 April 1901 in Dresden, TN. and died 30 Sept 1965 in Blytheville, AR. Lena and Lonnie had 3 children.
a. Clara Lucille Baty. B: 4 July 1931 in Blytheville, AR. D: 16 April 1999 in Acacia Lake, TX.
b. Emma Novella Baty.
c. James Floyd Baty. B: 3 May 1935 in Blytheville, AR. D: 6 Nov 1947 in Blytheville.
4. Annie Hicks. B: in Stewart county, TN.
5. Fonnie Hicks. B: 26 Nov 1908 in Trigg county, KY. D: Feb 1986 in Blytheville, AR.
Now we need to find out if the it is true that Alfred, Florence and Pearl are buried at Number Nine, what they may have died from and I would like to know more about Annie, their daughter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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