Thursday, February 18, 2010

Louida Davidella Smith

Louida Davidella Smith Fielder
July 16, 1916 Dickson Co. TN

Desperately seeking information on Louida Davidella Smith. Her great grandson has contacted me and asks for our help in finding information about this family.

He has conflicting information that suggests that she was from Stewart County TN and Humphries County TN. He would like confirmation of such. According to her death certificate, the attending physician knew nothing of her birth place or parentage and even spelled her name Lou Ida. Its very probable that he had known her for years and never knew that it was a single, first name.

Louida was born 3-26-1852 and died 3-20-1931. She married James Marshall “Marsh” Fielder on 6-28-1870. They lived in Dickson County TN where they both are buried in the Fielder Cemetery on Piney River . They had 10 children, one being Albert Lloyd Fielder to whom the person searching for this family descends. His father, Quintus Bernard Fielder, was one of Albert’s younger sons and barely remembers his grandmother. Quintus has one surviving brother, Julian, who at 93, remembers Louida, but says her past was never discussed to his recollection, and they never visited her kin folk.

Anyone who has information on this family please contact me. I will get with the person searching for this information with your contact information so that he may contact you.

Thank you for your help.


  1. Cord Vineyard was her father per

    Fielder, Mrs. Luida Davidella, born 26 Mar 1852, died 20 Mar 1931, age 78, married 28 Jul 1870 to J. M. Fielder, had 12 children; buried Fielder Cemetery. (3-27-1931) Daughter of Cord Vineyard, wife of Marsh Fielder, (3-27-1931, a second obit.)

  2. Thank you, We will check this website out. We really appreciate the help!

  3. Has anything come of the search for Louida's parents, yet? Is Cord Vineyard the first/middle name or the first/last name?