Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lambert Zells (Sills) Part 3

Elizabeth was a probably a very busy person herself. She made candles, churned butter and spun wool. Her duties would also include quilting, knitting stockings, sewing in general, caring for the children and cooking. There are no indications of servants being present in the household via the census records and her first daughter was not born until 1720. Her son may have helped some, but would have gone the fields with their father when big enough.
The diet of the Zells family would have consisted of pork, beef, mutton, deer and some fish. They would have grown in the family garden certain vegetables such as corn, squash, turnips, greens and the like. Sugar and coffee would have been purchase. Molasses and meal may have been made there at home. Evidence of a cider cask may indicate that they may have grown apples which would allow that cider and apple butter may also have been made and enjoyed at home. There would have been nuts and berries available seasonably to the family.
Most early family records were kept at County Parishes. We found good records of the Zells at the Albemarle Parrish in Surry Co; Va. Albemarle parish was created in 1738 from parts of Lawne’s creek and Southwark parishes that lay southwest of the Blackwater river. Albemarle was the first Anglican parish in Surry County. The Zells family appeared to be Christian. With all the records in the parish, it is good to say that they were active in religion and parish activities. These parish records have been a good source in helping us find the marriages of his children, the births of grandchildren, and family deaths.
Early Virginia court records show us that the Zells family had purchased many acres of land over a course of 27 years. County records indicate that Lambert received 3 land grants totaling 685 acres. One was patented the 14 of July 1718 in Albemarle Parrish, Surrey, Co. Va. It contained 215 acres in Surry County on the south side of Nottoway River for 25 shillings. Another parcel consisted of 220 acres in Surry County on the South side of Nottoway River beginning on the north side of the Flatt Swamp, adjacent to Thomas Weathers and John Jones line. This dated March 24th 1725 for 25 shillings. On the 14th of August 1730 Lambert Zells sold to Richard Rives for 18 pounds current money, 220 acres on the south side of Nottoway River and bounded by the north side of Flat Swamp. Thomas Weathers and John Jones. Witnesses were James Gee and Christopher Tatum recorded on the 19th day of August 1730 and signed by Lambert Zell. Lambert also received 2 other grants, one on the 25th of August 1731 for 250 acres in Surry County on the south side Nottoway River adjoining his own land for 25 shillings, the other on the 20th of September 1745.


  1. I have a map showing locations of some of the Colonial patents with surnames you mention, including a John Sill near Robert Sandyford's 1742 patent, South of the Nottoway, present-day Sussex County, VA.

    I also have some info from the Albemarle Parish records showing Lucy Sill and Robert Sandefour were godparents of William Roe, son of Cannon and Sarah Roe, June 24, 1747.

    Would very much like to hear from you.

    Tarney (Sandifer) Smith

  2. Wow, I would love to see the map. Where did you find this? Tarney, you can email me at If you don't mind, I would like to email you to exchange info.

  3. I got the map from Gary Williams, Circuit Court Clerk of Sussex County, VA who is writing a history of Sussex County and is platting all of the original patents there. It is sort of "rough draft."

    I'll send you a scanned image of the map as an e-mail attachment in a little while.