Sunday, January 24, 2010

Updated Alfred P. Hicks

Okay, Here is some interesting stuff I've found on Alfred P Hicks. But...... I still don't know what has happened to him and his wife.
I have found:
1. A P Hicks married Florence I Sizemore on 30 Dec 1890 Stewart County TN

2. 1900 Stewart county, TN Census finds, Alfred - 27, living with his mother Parthena - 64, in Great Western Furnace, Stewart County, TN
Now. I know I have him marrying Florence in 1890, so could he have been home taking care of his mother or something when the census taker came along? Could Parthena have just told the census taker that Alfred lived there so she wouldn't appear to live alone? We will never know for sure.

3. 1910 Trigg County Kentucky Census
Alfred 38
Florence 34
Pearl 8
Bertha 6
Lena 4
Annie 2
Farney 5/12
Marthena (I'm sure this is Parthena) 77

4. Next in 1920, I find these kids living with a "aunt" Mandy Brerson (Brunson) in Hickman, Mississippi County, Arkansas.
Mandy Brerson 68
Pearl Hicks 18
Bertha Hicks 16
Lena Hicks 14
Annie Hicks 13
Fanny (Farney) Hicks 11

5. In the 1930 Census for Mississippi County, Arkansas, Town of Hickman, I find Mandy Brunson whom is 77 and 17 year old Fannie (nephew)

New questions. Has anyone ever heard of these people? What happened to Alfred and Florence? Could they have died in the flu epidemic of 1918 and the kids moved in with this aunt? Where are they buried?
I'm sure that the kids married and moved on. I would like to find decedents of them. What is Mandy's maiden name. Any Brunsons from Stewart County?

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